Wired Clamp Meters

GAO Tek wired clamp meters, distinguished by their physical connection to the circuit through cables, represent a traditional yet reliable approach to electrical measurements. In contrast to their wireless counterparts, these meters offer a direct link, ensuring stability and accuracy in readings without the potential interference associated with wireless technologies. Key features include: Reliable direct connection, stable measurements, no wireless interference, cost-effective, simplicity, long battery life, ideal for specific applications requiring continuous and accurate readings.
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GAOTek Digital 3 Phase Harmonic Power Clamp Meter

SKU: GAOTek-CM-108
GAOTek digital 3 phase harmonic power clamp meter is a sophisticated and versatile instrument designed for power quality analysis in three-phase electrical systems.

GAOTek Digital Clamp-on Sensor Handheld Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

SKU: GAOTek-CM-109
GAOTek digital clamp-on sensor handheld portable ultrasonic flow meter is a cutting-edge instrument used for non-invasive flow measurement in various fluid systems.

GAOTek Dual-Clamp Digital Phase Meter

SKU: GAOTek-CM-120
GAOTek Dual-clamp digital phase meter is a multi-functional instrument developed specially for on-site testing.

GAOTek Electric Test Digital Earth Resistance Clamp Meter

SKU: GAOTek-CM-107
GAOTek electric test digital earth resistance clamp meter is widely applied in ground resistance measurement, loop resistance measurement in fields such as electric power, telecommunications, meteorology, oil field, architecture, and industrial electrical equipment, etc.

GAOTek Handheld Digital Clamp Meter Three Phase Voltammetry

SKU: GAOTek-CM-114
Technical Specifications Working power supply built-in 8.4 V/2.6 AH lithium battery Voltage range 1 V to 500 V 0.5 %

GAOTek Handheld Digital Double Clamp Digital Phase Meter

SKU: GAOTek-CM-113
GAOTek Double Clamp Digital Phase Meter is specially designed for testing voltage, current and phase onsite, it is in high-precision, low price, portable hand-held, dual-channel input measuring product.

GAOTek Portable Flow Meter Clamp on Flow Meter with High Temperature Sensor Ultrasonic Water Heat Meter

SKU: GAOTek-CM-106
GAOTek portable flow meter clamp on flow meter with high temperature sensor ultrasonic water heat meter is a portable flow meter and clamp-on flow meter designed for non-invasive flow measurement in various applications

GAOTek Remote Display True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter

GAOTek Remote Display True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter is a versatile electrical testing tool designed to measure both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) with accuracy and convenience.

GAOTek RMS Current Clamp Meter

GAOTek RMS Current Clamp Meter is a versatile and reliable measuring instrument used for electrical current measurements.

GAOTek Tri-Clamp Handheld Digital Clamp Ultrasonic Flow Meter

SKU: GAOTek-CM-118
Features • Multiple functions, with calculating, control, transmitting and other functions • Match with various weir tank. Right-angle, triangle weir,

GAOTek Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter with Clamp on Sensors

SKU: GAOTek-CM-116
GAOTek ultrasonic flow meter has been upgraded based on the previous ultrasonic flowmeter which is still the main product line of the company.

GAOTek Wall Mounted Clamp Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meter

SKU: GAOTek-CM-119
GAOTek  handheld ultrasonic flow meter uses an external clamp type sensor to measure liquid flow rate.

GAOTek AC Clamp Meter with Wide Measuring Range

This AC clamp meter is specially designed for measuring AC current and AC leakage current and comes with an on-line AC current measuring system with a wide measuring range of current from 0mA~600A.