Alarm-Enabled Nitric Oxide Gas Detectors

GAO Tek alarm-enabled nitric oxide (NO) gas detectors are devices designed to monitor the concentration of nitric oxide in the air and provide timely alerts or alarms when the levels exceed predetermined thresholds. Nitric oxide is a colourless and odourless gas that can be present in various industrial, medical, and environmental settings. Monitoring its levels is crucial to ensure safety and compliance with regulatory standards. Key features and benefits of alarm-enabled nitric oxide gas detectors include: gas sensing technology, threshold setting, audible and visual alarms, remote monitoring, data logging and analysis, early warning, reduced health risks, compliance and safety, and quick response.
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GAOTek Analyzer Nitric Oxide Gas Alarm Detector

GAOTek analyzes nitric oxide gas alarm detectors in air in real time. When the gas concentration exceeds a preset alarm level, it will make an audible, visual, vibration alarm. It can keep 3000 alarm records, can set up alarm points, calibration and read, zero set. with an optional function: transmit data to the computer; with PC software can be further analysis

GAOTek Compact Nitric Oxide Gas Detector

GAOTek compact nitric oxide gas detector, it adopts 2.31 in high-definition color screen for real-time display and adopts gas sensors of well-known brands in theindustry. It is used to quickly detect the concentration of various gases and the measurement of ambient temperature and humidity, and alarm if the measurement exceeds the limit.

Nitric Oxide NO Gas Detector (Storage, 3 Type Alarms)

Key Features Technical Specifications Key Features Smart probe design, calibration Maintenance more convenient in the future Fault, warning, operator error,

Nitric Oxide NO Gas Detector (Two Alarms, Compact)

SKU: GT00Z200V8
Key Features Technical Specifications Key Features Adopt advanced 16bits controller of ultra-low power Resolution is 128*64 LCD High precision electro-chemical