Explosion-Proof Methane Gas Detectors

GAO Tek explosion-proof methane gas detectors with calibration features are designed for hazardous environments where the risk of explosions is present. Here are the benefits, emphasizing explosion-proof capabilities: intrinsically safe design compliance with hazardous area standards, calibration for precision, fast response time, wide detection range, continuous monitoring, robust construction, reduced false alarms, enhanced safety measures, integration capabilities, emergency response preparedness, and user-friendly interface.
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GAOTek Fast Methane Gas Detector

Features Detection : 5 ppm-m detection sensitivity Fast-speed Response : Shortest response time is 0.1 s Further Detection Distance :

GAOTek Laser Remote Methane Gas Detector

GAOTek laser remote methane gas detector uses tunable laser spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology to detect gas leaks quickly and accurately within 30 meters. 

GAOTek Light Weight Methane Gas Detector

GAOTek lite weight methane gas detectors are compact full-featured gas detectors for detecting up to five types of gases.

GAOTek Methane Gas Leak Alarm Detector

GAOTek methane gas leak alarm detector detects leaked gas through natural diffusion.

GAOTek Portable Methane Detector

GAOTek Portable Methane Detector with the inner pump to detect the gas composite concentration data in different working place, is designed with 6 sensors at most; one is default of the temperature and humidity sensor, so when workers need to inspect the gas concentration, it can detect 5 gas type at most.