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Fiber Switches

GAO Tek provides various type of high quality and well-constructed fiber switches. Fiber switches are system switches compatible with the fiber channel (FC). They permit the making of a fiber channel fabric that is the center part of most Storage Area Networks (SAN). The fabric is the system of fiber channel devices that permits device name lookup, security, and redundancy. These fiber switches utilize the physical layer technology to apply media conversion compliant with IEEE802.3z and IEEE802.3ab standards. Moreover, they support two types of media network connections, which are 1000Base-T and 1000Base-SX/LX. They can conduct mutual conversion between the 1000Base-T twisted pair electrical signal and 1000Base-SX/LX optical signal. End-users are given the flexibility to utilize a range of STP modules according to requirements such as 1000Base-T, 1000Base-SX, and 1000Base-LX.

Functions of Fiber Switches

Fiber switches utilize physical layers innovation to execute media change. These devices offer two sorts of media systems and they can directly share transformation between the 1000Base-T bent pair electrical sign and 1000Base-SX/LX optical sign. Furthermore, these devices can cover the transmission distance of a network from over copper wires through optical fiber links. They can also transform optical/electrical Ethernet signals between 10/100M UTP ports and 100M optical fiber ports. These switches have the capability to transmit signals between a LAN switch, file server, and other networking tools. Fiber channel switches may be deployed one at a time or in larger multi-switch configurations.

Features of Fiber Switches

GAO Tek`s fiber switch devices are designed from high-quality materials with high durability and they are affordable. Moreover, they have low insertion losses and low back-reflections. They also support full-duplex control and back pressure half-duplex flow control. These fiber switches come with a LED light to indicate the status of the devices. The LED marker lights are used to completely screen the convertor's operational status mentioning objective fact and judgments simple. The LED light also acts as an indicator of activity, speed, and power on diagnostic functions. SAN administrators are added to new switches as their server and connect switches together via fiber optic cable using the standard device ports. Some switch vendors now offer dedicated high-speed stacking ports to handle inter-switch connections (similar to existing stackable Ethernet switches), allowing high-performance multi-switch configurations to be created using fewer switches overall.

Applications and Industries

The fiber switches are used in various industries such as telecommunication networks. They are mainly used for the optical signal switching and routing, optical network protection and restoration, optical network monitoring, video distribution, instrumentation resource sharing, and military communications.

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