Optical power meters are technical instruments used to measure optical signal, something which is key in testing average power in fiber optic systems.


Optical power meters typically consist of three basic elements. The first, a calibrated sensor, uses a photodiode used to measure wavelengths and power levels. The second, a measuring amplifier, is used alongside the calibrated sensor to verify accuracy and deliver data. The third, a display unit, provides the measured optical power and set wavelength for a technician to note.


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In our experience, technicians have frequently combined GAOTek power meters with other functional test tools including optical light sources. The two primary uses of a GAOTek power meter is to measure absolute power in a fiber optic signal and to measure optical loss in a fiber in combination with a stable light source. Please note that a power meter should be properly calibrated to the wavelength being tested in order for the most accurate reading to be produced.

Support your fiber network with GAOTek power meters to test and measure optical power, certification capabilities, and for basic power measurements. Every day, our power meters are used by technicians in the field in the United States, in Canada, and globally. Using GAOTek power meters, receive highly accurate power measurements and test certainty regardless of test conditions.

See optical power meters of all types and choose what’s most appropriate for your fiber optic network. GAOTek has low-cost, handheld power meters all the way up through to the most advanced instruments with features such as PON power meter and fault locators. The complete optical power meter product range is built on delivering top performance with the utmost accuracy. Analyzed alongside other power meters, GAOTek power meters outperform them every time and come with a wide range of features to boot. Learn more about optical power meters today and how they can help assist your network’s testing functions.


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This product is a test meter which integrates the functions of  a optical power meter, visual fault locator, cable tracker/locator and line sequence checker.


This Optical Power Meter measures the power in an optical signal and supports up to 4 wavelength measurements. It features USB data communication storage, upload, power supply function, and real-time reading.


This optical power meter perform various useful functions such as providing power measurements in dBm or mW and displaying insertion loss in dB.


This optical power meter has a wide dynamic measurement range (up to 80 dB) with six calibrated wavelength points and also includes a user self-calibration function.


This optical power meter is used for optical network operations. It functions in a multi-wavelength measurement range applicable for versatile adapters (FC, ST, SC, LC) and comes with an auto-power off function.


The PON Power Meter with Data Storage performs an in-service testing of all PON signals accurately and is specifically designed for PON network construction and maintenance.


This optical power meter features a high display resolution (0.1 % linearity) with high test accuracy used for multi-wavelength measurement in fiber-optics and also has auto power-off function.


This handheld optical power meter is used to measure power of optical devices and has automatic wavelength identification, auto wavelength switching, and built-in data storage of up to 1000 test records.


The Optical Power Meter with Audio & Video Test is able to simultaneously test and estimate the signals of voice, data, and video and is used primarily as a tool for maintenance of PON projects.


This portable optical power meter accurately measures the power of optical output and is widely used in fiber network installation and maintenance.


This Optical Power Meter with Insertion Loss with FC/SC/ST Interface is used to measure the power of the optical sender efficiently and is equipped with an FC/SC/ST general purpose interface.


This handheld Optical Power Meter with Self-Recalibration is a smart device used for both absolute and relative power measurement of the link loss in dB and has an automatic calibration function.


This compact Mini Optical Power Meter measures the optical power at various wavelengths precisely and can be used with an optical laser source to measure the fiber loss in optical networks.

ID: C0260011tek

The CWDM Analyzer is designed for CWDM installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting which can measure and monitor the power values of 10 CWDM channels.


This High Precision Optical Power Meter is designed for use with an optical laser source for performing the optical loss measurements on fiber optic cables.


This compact optical power meter is an easy-to-use device used for absolute optical measurements as well as for relative loss measurements in optical fiber networks.


This handheld optical power meter is an easy to use test instrument for optical fiber networks. It measures absolute optical power and relative loss.


The Multifunction Handheld Optical Power Meter operates at six different wavelengths ranging from of 800 nm-1700 nm and can be used in the maintenance and operation of LAN, WAN, and metropolitan networks.