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Optical Power Meters

GAOTek’s optical power meter is a device that can be used to calculate absolute/relative optical power loss using the length of fiber optical power.  Optical power meters are used to evaluate the performance of optical terminal equipment by determining the optical network transmission side or absolute power. Moreover, by using stable light source along with power meter will make device capable of measuring the connection loss and helps to determine the quality of fiber link transmissions.

Functions of PON Power Meters

Invention of new technology has improved the general functions of PON power meters. One of the most common functions of PON power meters is the filtering function. The user can place a filter in the output reading to improve the accuracy of any measurement readings.

New software techniques usage balances the slow rise time of thermophile detectors as now all the new designs rely on software algorithms to predict the final, stable state value based on the known natural rise-time.


A standard optical power meter should have maximum flexibility to handle all different types of detectors. The operational principles vary between detectors- as some generate current signals, and others voltage signals, while a few more require pulsed input signals. The three main components of optical power meter are: the interface (detector), the analog board and the digital board. It is used to calculate photon energy in the form of current or voltage by using some detection devices like photodiodes, thermopiles, or pyroelectric detectors.

The next-step is post-processing where analog signal are digitalized. A powerful processor, high-tech digital board and a low noise analog design allows high-level of sensitivity which was previously not possible.

Applications and Industries

Optical power meters are utilized for the testing of single-mode and multi-mode systems, additionally they are utilized for the establishment and support of fiber optic systems. They have an automatic wavelength detection feature, which enables higher effectiveness to be accomplished during measurement and prevent errors by the client. The insertion loss can be examined using an LED or Laser Source. The optical power level (-dBM) can be measured in telecommunication center and CATV networks.

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