Color Spectrum Analyzers

GAO Tek color spectrum analyzer, also known as a spectrophotometer, is an instrument that measures the intensity of light across the visible spectrum. this allows users to determine the color of an object by analyzing its spectral reflectance or transmittance. key features and benefits of a color spectrum analyzer include: objective color measurement, reproducibility, quality control, color matching, research and development, digital color analysis, colorimetry, and versatility.
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GAOTek Color Analyzer Meter

SKU: Gaotek-OET-201
GAOTek Color Analyzer Meter is a versatile instrument extensively employed across various industries such as plastics, electronics, painting, ink, textile and garment, printing and dyeing, printing paper, automotive, medical, cosmetics, and the food sector.

GAOTek Color Spectrum Analyzer

NS800 are models of spectrophotometer with incomparable accuracy. They feature an ultra-large integrating sphere which can evenly distribute light more effectively, which makes the measurement results more accurate.

GAOTek Color Spectrum Analyzer for Car Paint

GAOTek Color Spectrum Analyzers for Car Paint are 3nh using autonomous core technology research and development of portable light color difference instruments. These are the high level in spectral architecture color difference instruments, ensuring not only accurate relative ΔE but also the accuracy of the absolute values of L, A, and B for a long time.