Water Quality Ion Meters

GAO Tek’s water quality ion meters are specialized devices designed to measure and analyze the concentration of ions in water, providing valuable information about the overall quality of the water. Our meters are essential tools for assessing the suitability of water for various applications, including drinking, industrial processes, and environmental monitoring. Our water quality ion meters are precision instruments equipped with sensors and probes that can detect and quantify the concentration of specific ions in water samples. These ions may include common ones like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, and more, depending on the model and application. The key features of water quality ion meters are accuracy and precision, multi-ion capability, portability, user-friendly interface, and data logging.
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GAOTek Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

GAOTek portable dissolved oxygen meter can be used for monitoring dissolved oxygen, temperature, and PH in water, and can meet the requirements of portable accurate water quality measurement.

ION Meter for Sodium (White/Multi-Parameter Measurement)

GAOTek ION Meter for Sodium detects sodium ion in the solution with high precision and performance reliably.

ION Meter for Sodium (0.3 % Error/Monitoring)

GAOTek ION Meter for Sodium measures sodium ION concentration in solutions and monitors water quality. .