Medical Infrared Thermometers

GAO Tek medical infrared thermometers are specialized devices designed for accurate and non-contact measurement of body temperature. These thermometers offer distinct advantages in clinical settings, prioritizing safety, hygiene, and ease of use: non-contact measurement, rapid and convenient, hygienic and safe, accurate and reliable, user-friendly design, fever screening, memory and recordkeeping, and compliance with medical standards.
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GAOTek Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Thermometer

SKU: GAOTek-ITI -101
Features Enables safe and hygienic temperature measurement without direct contact with the skin Infrared High Accuracy, Provides accurate temperature readings

GAOTek Infrared Thermometer with Repeatability (Data Hold Fn)


This Infrared Thermometer with repeatability(Data Hold Fn) is used for measuring the temperature range of -22 °F~3002 °F(-30 °C~1650 °C) for various hot, hazardous or hard to reach object's surface safely.

GAOTek Infrared Thermometer with Drop Resistance (Cost-Effective)

This ‘Infrared Thermometer with Drop Resistance (Cost-Effective)’ is designed to measure the various temperatures using thermal imaging camera with the detector of array size 160×120 and 384× 288 and stores 1.3 million pixels CCD images

GAOTek Portable Infrared Thermal Imager (Dual Laser,Tripod Mount)

This Portable infrared Thermal Imager (Dual Laser, Tripod, Mount) is a non-contact high quality temperature tester for a temperature ranging from -58 °F to 716 °F and comes with a field view of 12:1