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Combustible Gas Detectors

A combustible gas leak can be hazardous for confined spaces and public environments. A properly calibrated combustible gas detector is what’s required to alarm workers when a combustible is identified.

Combustible gases can potentially come from utility and power plants, fuel cell test stations, mining, in police and fire environments, in emergency and rescue settings, in shipping, transportation, telecommunications, oil refineries, offshore drilling settings, and in petrochemical warehouses among other environments. With a premium line of combustible gas detectors, GAOTek’s models are used across the United States, Canada, and all over the world. If you’re working in any of the settings listed above or are in a work environment where there’s a risk of a combustible gas leak, get a portable and ruggedly designed gas detector from GAOTek.

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Through one of our gas detectors, you can detect a wide range of combustible gasses. On your combustible gas detector, you will find everything you need to protect yourself in a commercial or industrial setting. Use extendable probes, light alarms, sound alarms, data recording capabilities, and more. This versatile, easy-to-use device will help protect against methane, propane, hydrogen, and more. Already calibrated for precision detections, you’ll receive instant feedback. In seconds, you can test battery rooms, parking garages, maintenance facilities, and other locations. Before a gas reaches an explosive level, catch it early.

GAOTek combustible gas detectors are there to monitor and detect threats to your health. Furthermore, the presence of combustible or flammable gases in an area can suggest a leak. However minor or major a leak is, it needs to be addressed. A lot of combustible gases are colorless and/or odorless. The only way to accurately detect them and their levels will be through a combustible gas detector. It’s a smart investment for any company or user who is concerned about gases such as acetylene, ammonia, hydrogen, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), or others. Buy your GAOTek combustible gas detector today.

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