Medical Spectrum Analyzers

GAO Tek medical spectrum analyzers could refer to spectrum analyzers or similar instruments adapted for use in medical environments. In this context, the emphasis would be on their application in healthcare settings and potential benefits. key features and benefits of a medical spectrum analyzer include: electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, wireless medical devices optimization, frequency coordination for medical communication systems, interference detection and mitigation, patient safety, compliance with regulatory standards, and rf imaging in medical applications.
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GAOTek Ophthalmic Eye Testing

SKU: GAOTek-SA-182
This Ophthalmic Eye Testing offers Rigorous Goldman standard, advanced visual field analysis, swift 30-degree inspection in 3 mins. Discover early defects.

GAOTek Poct Immunoassay Analyzer Hormones Analyzer

SKU: GAOTek-SA-185
This Poct Immunoassay Analyzer has LED excitation light, high sensitivity, rapid testing. Quantitative detection of multiple materials.

GAOTek Portable LED Screen Single Chanel Veterinary Immunofluorescence Analyzer

SKU: GAOTek-SA-177
GAOTek Portable LED Screen Single Chanel Veterinary Immunofluorescence Analyzer is a quantitative apparatus which can accurately read and analyze the test results of POCT.

GAOTek Pregnancy Test Canine Progesterone for Dogs

SKU: GAOTek-SA-186
This Pregnancy Test for Dogs offers canine progesterone detection. Accurate results from whole blood, serum, plasma, urine, and feces.