High Precision Carbon Dioxide Gas Detectors

GAO Tek high-precision carbon dioxide (CO2) gas detectors are advanced devices designed to accurately measure and monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. Our high precision carbon dioxide gas detectors utilize sophisticated sensors and technologies to provide precise and reliable measurements of CO2 levels. The emphasis on high precision is crucial in various applications where precise monitoring of CO2 concentration is essential. Key features and benefits of high-precision CO2 gas detectors include: accurate measurement, wide range of applications, early detection of issues, environmental monitoring, energy efficiency, compliance with standards, and data logging and analysis.
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Commercial Carbon Monoide Gas Detector (Auto Temp Compensation)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features ForᅠtestingᅠCarbonᅠMonoxideᅠdensityᅠinᅠindustriesᅠsuchᅠas mining,metallurgy,ᅠpetrochemical,ᅠpharmaceutical,ᅠwaste waterᅠtreatment,ᅠpapermakingᅠandᅠinfrastructureᅠconstruction Built-inᅠLCDᅠbacklightᅠensuresᅠreadingsᅠareᅠlegibleᅠevenᅠinᅠdimlightᅠconditions Auto-temperatureᅠcompensation Zeroᅠcalibrationᅠinᅠcleanᅠair Two-levelᅠcarbonᅠmonoxideᅠalarm Compactᅠandᅠvaluableᅠbody,ᅠeasyᅠtoᅠcarry Technical Specifications Measuringᅠrange ᅠ0~1000ppm Resolution ᅠ1ᅠppm

Commercial Carbon Monoide Gas Detector (Audible Alarm, Compact)

SKU: GT00Z200U8
Overview Key Features Specifications Overview   Key Features Technical Specifications Sensor StabilizedᅠelectrochemicalᅠGas-specific MeasurementᅠRange 0~1000ᅠPPM Accuracy 5%ᅠorᅠ10PPM MeasurementᅠResolution 1PPM ResponseᅠTime <30S

Industrial Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector (Beep Sound , Auto Zero)

GAOTek Carbon monoxide Gas Detector detects the presence of CO and measures concentrations between 1-1000ppm with beep sound above 200ppm and auto zero function.

Industrial Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector (Wide Measurement Range)

GAOTek Gas Detector with Auto Calib continuously monitors single (toxic/combustible/oxygen) gas, supports automatical calibration, zero-set and data store.

Commercial Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector (Wide Range/Data Record)

GAOTek Gas Detector for Carbon Monoxide detects concentration of carbon monoxide gas, records data, and offers wide range of measurement.

Industrial Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector (CF Calibration, Alarms)

Key Features Technical Specifications Key Features Smart probe design, calibration Maintenance more convenient in the future Fault, warning, operator error,