Crack Detectors with Data Logging

GAO Tek Data Logging Crack Detectors are devices used in various industries to monitor and record data related to the development and progression of cracks in materials, structures, or components. Our detectors play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and safety of structures, equipment, and systems. The benefits of our data-logging crack detectors are early detection, precision and accuracy, predictive maintenance, improved safety, cost savings, data analysis, and trend prediction.
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GAOTek Concrete Integrated Crack Detector

GAOTek concrete integrated crack detector in building feature is Crack width gauge used to measure the concrete crack by NDT testing method, with real-time display crack image and its data automatically.

GAOTek Multifunction Ultrasonic Crack Detector

GAOTek multifunction ultrasonic crack detector is mainly designed to accurately detect crack width and depth in bridges, tunnels, concrete pavements and so on.