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GAO Tek’s Data Logging LCR Meters are designed to measure and analyze the electrical properties of passive electronic components, including inductors, capacitors, and resistors. Our devices provide accurate readings of impedance, phase angle, and other relevant parameters, offering valuable insights into the behavior of electronic components in various circuits. Some key features and benefits of our data logging LCR meters include impedance measurement, data logging capability, frequency range, high accuracy, and versatility.
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GAOTek Capacitance Meter LCR Digital Meter

This Capacitance LCR Digital Meter has internal bias of 0 mV to 1500 mV, basic accuracy of 0.20 %, and signal source output impedance of 30 Ω, 100 Ω. 

GAOTek Component Testing Equipment LCR Meter

GAOTek Component testing equipment LCR meters are versatile, extremely accurate, and perform measurements quickly.

GAOTek Digital LCR Loop Resistance Tester

GAOTek Digital LCR loop resistance testers, also known as megohmmeters and high-voltage insulation resistance meters, are used for insulation resistance tests.

GAOTek Industrial Digital Electric Bridge LCR Measuring Instrument High-precision

GAOTek LCR Meter are high-precision component parameter analyzers making use of automatic balancing bridge principle, featuring 10 Hz to 1 MHz testing bandwidth, continuously adjustable frequency, 0.05% of basic measuring accuracy, automatic level control, list scanning and position counting, which can provide accurate and complete measurement and analysis for most components and materials, so it is wildly used in product R&D, component incoming inspection and online product sorting.

GAOTek LCD Display LCR ESR Meter Digital LCR Bridge Tester

Features The new 32-bit core processor, the data is completely comparable to the foreign first-class equipment Built-in comparator, 5-speed sorting

GAOTek LCR Meter for Resistance Capacitance Inductance

GAOTek LCR Meter for Resistance Capacitance Inductance is a digital LCR meter for inspection of all kinds of electronic components.

GAOTek LCR Meter Testing Frequency (20 Hz to 1 MHz)

GAOTek LCR Meter is a kind of multifunctional element parameter for the various electronic component’s inspection tester.

GAOTek Precision 32-Bit Core processor LCD Display LCR ESR Meter Digital LCR Bridge Tester China LCR Meter 200 KHz

This Precision 32-Bit Core processor meter has a  4.3 in true color LCD display with output impedance 30 Ω, and 100 Ω selectable.