Cable Fault Locators

GAO Tek provides the latest technology available in the market for cable fault locators. Cable fault locators are easy to use precision devices which provide a spontaneous display of the location and distance of the break in pair wires and cables both above ground and underground. They are portable field instruments making use of time domain reflectometer (TDR) and bridge methods, adopting advanced micro-electronics technology. Cable fault detectors are very effective as they reduce labor intensity of the field staff. They are designed to measure the exact fault location and distance in such cables as underground and above telecommunication lead sheathed cables, plastic cables or user lead covered wires, while the faults include breaks, mixes, defective insulations, or poor connections. When it comes to locating cables and their faults, GAO Tek’s cable fault locators are excellent instruments for the field professionals to enhance his/her work efficiency and precision.

Functions of the Cable Fault Locators

Some cables are hidden, underground and out of reach. With modern new powerful cable fault distance locators, the advanced devices can locate the issues quickly and allow the issues to be solved as early as possible. The instruments send signals down to the investigation area, then calculate and determine the distance and exact location of the fault from the base station. After that, information will be delivered to users via an LCD display. As cable fault locators are utilized to find exact fault points, for example, the open circuits, shorts, grounding, poor protections and poor contacts, they are mainly used in the line project acceptance tests and inspection of cables. They also are widely used in testing underground cables to find out impedance break points, to locate the distance to cable damages, and reveal terminal impedance failures. These versatile, lightweight locators are powerful apparatuses and are designed to decrease investigating time, enhance work proficiency and lessen workload of line installation or maintenance technicians. They are most suitable for field applications. 


Cable fault detectors are designed for ease use, portability, lightweight, and ease for carrying. The high quality and budget friendly devices feature auto key designs which enables engineers to get test results immediately after setting the proper parameters. They normally have a USB or even an RS-232C interface for waveform transmission and analysis. These high technology cable fault distance locators are weatherproof and normally come with a large LCD display which also indicates battery life. These devices use state of the art digital technology for precise location of faults in underground metallic and plastic cables. The advanced circuitries operate high-speed sampling for better resolution of echo-grams. Cable fault locators incorporate a unique feature of automatic placement of measuring cursor at fault point in auto mode. This makes them totally user-friendly and any technician having minimum knowledge can successfully locate the fault. GAO Tek’s cable fault locators are easy to use. They support successful operation even for untrained users, and provide maximum technical safety.

Applications and Industries

• Cable fault detectors are widely used as the solution to install, analyze, and identify fault points in HFC systems.

• Cable fault locators are used in the industries such as data communications, video communications, networks, testing, maintenance and technical services, communications infrastructures of hydro, oil, gas, and mining industries.

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