PSTN Products

GAO Tek provides a large selection of high quality and budget-friendly public switched telephone network devices. The public switched telephone networks (PSTN) are international telephone systems that deliver analog voice data using copper wires. PSTN were formerly known simply as the public telephone networks and also referred to as the plain old telephone systems (POTS). They consist of a collection of individual telephones that are hardwired to a public exchange. GAO Tek’s PSTN include xDSL testers, phone line testers, E1 testers, and PSTN analyzers.

Functions of PSTN

xDSL testers provide full testing and analysis of ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ lines accurately and fast, covering physical layers, network layers, and application layers. They are ideal tools for installation, maintenance, troubleshooting of the xDSL network.

Phone line testers are designed for the detection of digital or analog phone systems and line polarity in a phone line. Whether you need to install your telecom systems, connect PC to telecom systems, or maintain your systems, GAO’s Tek testers will satisfy your requirements.

E1 testers can be used to test the data connection between two stations. They are specially designed for R&D, production, installation, and maintenance of SDH, PDH, PCM, and DATA protocol conversion.

PSTN analyzers are instruments that are widely used by professionals for the installation and maintenance of telecom networks. They can be used to verify and test the quality of a wide range of links and networks such as frame ray links, WAN and ISDN lines, PRI, and BRI.


GAO Tek’s PSTN are easy-to-use and portable devices. They are well-constructed and normally come with a long-lasting battery that can endure up to numerous hours. These instruments have software which is upgradable via an integrated USB or RS232C interface. The testers also provide smart menu navigation and have a high-resolution LCD screen allowing test results to be displayed clearly. Test results can be downloaded or printed via included software. GAO Tek’s PSTN testers and analyzers are ideal devices for fast problem resolution, E1 PCM line access, maintenance and acceptance testing.

Applications and Industries

PSTN devices are mainly used in the production, troubleshooting, and maintenance of xDSL networks and telecom networks.

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