E1 Testers

GAO Tek offers a variety of high quality and affordable E1 testers. These devices come with several functionalities and they are specially conceived to speed up Ethernet maintenance time and work efficacy. These E1/Ethernet test instruments are all-encompassing test tools for E1, V port, and Gigabit Ethernet link repairs and failure diagnosis. These tools are easy to operate and they can also be utilized for Ethernet cable tests, flux error code tests, connectivity performance, and for traffic testing. Moreover, they are used for RFC2544 performance tests as they help to measure and prove performance for criteria Ethernet networks. These devices offer a huge number of Ethernet diagnostic functions. They also consist of PING, router trace, a port location tool and a loop-back tool, consequently, they help meeting most cases of Ethernet wiring test and bandwidth verification.

Functions of the E1 Testers

GAO Tek`s E1 testers conduct error testing and can test over multiple V ports. They allow on-line tests as well as off-line loopback and end-to-end tests. The devices can also integrate V series data interfaces and RS232 interfaces for data exchange. They can be used for multiple testing and they have an advanced heat radiation system. These E1/Ethernet test instruments are built for carrying out comprehensive test analysis of failure. These devices are excellent for the installation and maintenance of E1 digital networks and they are very common among technicians. They also have functions for PPPoE, FTP download, and Web browsing. The devices do the wiring tests which involve cable length, line sequence, and crosstalk test. They can do physical port tests as well as high and low level test of the electrical interface.


GAOTek's E1/Ethernet testers have a built-in lithium battery which are long-lasting. These devices feature audio frequency tests, PPPoE, FTP download, terminal emulation, linear speed tests and Web browsing functions. While they are small, lightweight and convenient to carry, they are designed with a LCD display where the test results can be clearly shown and allow users to easily navigate between different functions.

Applications and Industries

The E1/ Ethernet testers are mainly used by network professionals and service management test crews to tackle failure and maintain the system. They are also used by Ethernet business services, Telecommunication industry or packet transport networks.

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