PSTN Network Analyzers

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With 20 years of experience in the development and production of test instruments, GAO Tek is proud to provide a large selection of PSTN analyzers that meet the requirements of technicians working in the telecoms industry. PSTN analyzers are lightweight, field-portable, and rugged test instruments that can be used in the installation, measurement, and maintenance of telecom networks. They are widely used in applications such as service verification over PRI, BRI, frame relay links, WAN and ISDN lines, and also testing of DCE/DTE connections over a range of interfaces. Offered with a wide range of interfaces, coupled with reliability, the simplicity of use, and quick deployment of extensive features, GAO Tek’s PSTN analyzers are ideal devices that can be easily used by any technician, even untrained users.

Functions of PSTN Analyzers

PSTN analyzers provide the function for testing G.SHDSL, HDSL, and IP across the Internet. They can be used wherever line quality testing is needed. Moreover, they can also be utilized to verify the quality of PCM 2Mbit and V/X streams with the ability to display the channels status, frame, and multi-frame alignment words, errors, and alarms. Some PSTN analyzers contain the function of installing and maintaining frame relay networks. Other PSTN analyzers allow users to perform an X.25/X.31 connection over D channel and verify the quality of the line, test the verification of audio channels quality, and verify the correct operation of the several supplementary services supplied by the provider, such as AOC, CF, CLI, 3PTY etc. With so many interfaces and clearly defined analysis and diagnostic capabilities, GAO Tek’s PSTN analyzers provide a complete solution for troubleshooting problems in a multi-skilled engineering environment.


GAO Tek’s PSTN analyzers feature several connectors such as RS232, DB-15, and RJ 45 for transferring and uploading data. They also include an LCD display which indicates valuable information about data, battery power levels, and modes. Some devices provide options for automatic access test or a manual test. Several PSTN analyzers include a protocol analyzer that allows the capture of the main communication protocols over single and multiple channels. The onboard decoding allows for the analysis of traces on the spot. The advanced analysis through the PC software1 issued with the devices can be used for more complex problems involving connection issues or e.g user’s Internet configuration settings.

Applications and Industries

PSTN analyzers are mainly used in applications such as the installation of digital telecom circuits and services, long-term network monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting.

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