Line Testers

GAO Tek offers a wide range of professional and affordable line testers. These devices are used for line installation, inspection, line performance testing, and maintenance of the telecom network. Moreover, the devices utilize innovative technologies together with a smart CPU, a special-purpose IC, and SMT. They are integrated with other functions such as caller ID display and the last number redial. The testers also carry out multi-line tests and wire pair checking. They help to inspect the line insulation and test for breaks and faults. These instruments are specially designed to speed up telecom trouble shooting time and work effectiveness. GAO Tek`s line testers are perfect tools for ADSL technicians to enhance their work efficiency.

Functions of Line Testers

Line testers can execute multi-line as well as twisted pair testing. They have a specific function of automatically detecting high voltage test; the devices can assess whether there is a dangerously high voltage in the line. The line testers are designed to protect the line installation or maintenance technicians from high voltage. The key applications of these instruments comprise testing for insulation and tracing errors in the line.  GAO Tek`s line testers are commonly used by the technicians and engineers to precisely install and maintain telephone networks as well as to detect faults such as poor insulation and breakage in the lines.


GAOTek's line testers are compact, lightweight and easy to carry. The devices are used to test the performance of a telephone set, circuit functioning test and security test which make them a comprehensive tool for identifying line faults. Moreover, they have built-in systems with latest technologies such as surface mounted technology (SMT).

Applications and Industries

The line testers are mainly used by engineers and ADSL technicians as the solution for line installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of telecom networks.

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