xDSL Testers

GAOTek provides a variety type of the xDSL testers. The xDSL testers are particularly invented to meet the obligation of xDSL testing, together with ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, READSL, and VDSL. They are mainly used by the field operator for telecommunication installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of xDSL networks. Besides testing the physical strictures, xDSL testers aid to evaluate whether the line is fit for xDSL service and assess the quality of service.

The devices can be utilized in “ATUR+PC” emulation without supplementary ADSL2+/VDSL2 modem or computer and they can be operated as a digital multi-meter as well. They assess line quality, carry out PPPoE dial-up, offer web page browsing in order to examine the connection to the ISP, and emulate a PC+ Modem. They do the PING, IP config, route and tracert tests. The testers can also imitate a computer to examine broadband IP lines or begin a PPPoE dial-up to examine IP network connection and troubleshoot modem or computer problems.

Functions of xDSL Testers

The xDSL testers can do LAN tests as well as net-card property, fixative IP scanning, FTP client, web page speed test and DMM tests comprising loop resistance, capacitance, insulation resistance, and voltage. They are used for auto testing and can display or remote signal losses, frame losses, power losses, cell losses, border losses and various other line impairments. Additionally, they can emulate computers to test broadband IP lines and start a PPPoE dial-up to test IP network connection or troubleshoot modem. These xDSL testers can also act as a digital multi-meter and they can also evaluate line quality. Thus, in the case of impairments on line quality, they can precisely locate them and fix the problem.


GAOTek's xDSL testers are designed with a compact size, high portability, durability and they are user-friendly. Moreover, they are equipped with either a large true color LCD display or TFT true color LCD with a touch panel; which clearly show the test results. They have the Windows CE operating system and are web browser capable. Other key features of these testers are that they contain an auto-off function to save power, they have audio and LED status indicators and software upgradable online. In addition, they have the automatic set up of critical line threshold strictures and auto line-tracking. The portable xDSL testers are designed with a strap, have a modular platform structure, and a DSL line self-identification connection.

Applications and Industries
  • xDSL testers are widely used by field operators for telecommunication installation and maintenance.
  • xDSL testers are utilized in the industries of networks, maintenance, testing services and telecommunication.


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