Signal Level Meters

As a worldwide leading provider of test instruments that serves the needs of professionals around the world, GAO Tek offers a wide range of high performance and affordable signal level strength meters (TV and CATV). TV signal strength meters are essential pieces of equipment required for a CATV network. They can be used for the installation and maintenance of analog TV and digital TV systems. The devices can effectively and accurately measure the analog channels and digital channels. GAO Tek’s TV signal strength meters are designed to provide features which are most widely used and favored by technical experts in CATV industry at the least cost.

Functions of Signal Level Strength Meters (TV and CATV)

Measuring signal level strength and knowing their relevance are essential requirements of CATV service technicians when diagnosing and repairing problems. As a result, TV signal testers are designed to satisfy those needs. The devices can be used to measure TV signal levels and power levels. Cable signal meters calculate the signal levels by scanning the systems. After analyzing the systems, the information about channel levels will be displayed on the screen. Signal level strength meters are mainly applied in the routine maintenance of the CATV systems. The instruments ensure that signal levels are delivered as required. Moreover, the devices can also measure channel power, MER and BER of the digital channel and single channel, dual channel, A/V, C/N, and voltage of analog channel. Several signal level meters allow users to test and display 2 channels at the same time. TV signal strength meters are intended to provide the perfect solution for digital TV systems, to guarantee that technical experts are completely equipped with the ideal instruments when they have to make a quick and exact investigation. 


GAO Tek’s TV signal meters are cost effective and efficient as they reduce testing and troubleshooting times for network analysis and qualifications. These versatile devices feature large easy-to-read LCD displays which indicate signal levels and battery power levels. They also have auto power-off at selectable time intervals and numeric keypads which allow users to operate easily. These compact and light-weight devices are compatible with both analog and digital channels. GAO Tek’s signal level meters are easy to use, even for untrained users, and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Applications and Industries

The TV signal strength meters are mainly used in CATV industry, digital industry, and telecom industry. The devices can also be used in applications such as detect radio interference, range testing, pre-installation performance, and transmitter checking.

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