GAOTek High-performance Digital Signal Level Meter

This signal level meter is designed to measure the data CATV systems using the RF signal processing system and MCU technology.

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The GAOTek High Performance Signal Level Meter measures the data of CATV systems with a high-resolution color display. The accuracy of the data is guaranteed by the RF signal processing system and MCU technology. Using spectrum and channel scanning functions, network faults can be easily diagnosed and analyzed using this single instrument. It conducts measurements of digital-analog-mixed networks and also performs tilt, C/N, voltage, and V/A tests. The meter also conducts MER and BER testing. This digital meter accurately measures the average power of the DVB-C digital signal as well as the frequency power levels.

Key Features

  • Handheld design
  • Channel spectrum scanning
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Limit test
  • PC Toolbox Software (optional)
  • USB and RS-232 interfaces
  • Analog, Digital, FM and Dual channel measurement
  • QAM 32, QAM 64, QAM 128, QAM 256(optional)/ITU-TJ.83 Annex A/B/C
  • Automatic channel power, MER, BER tests
  • Constellation diagram

Technical Specifications

Frequency 5 MHz to 870 MHz
Signal Level Measurement Range 30 dBμV to 120 dBμV
Level Precision ±1.5 dB
Spectrum Analysis Span 6.25 MHz, 12.5 MHz, 25 MHz, 62.5 MHz
Bandwidth 0.28 MHz to 9.99 MHz
Power Level Range 30 dBuV to 110 dBuV
Accuracy ±1.5 dB
DC Supply 7.2 V rechargeable battery
AC Supply AC110 V to 240 V at 50 Hz/60 Hz
Working Time 6 h

Additional Information

Multi-function digital or analog signal analysis includes all pertinent channel and system-wide information. Large, easy-to-read display provides quick glance capability in dimly lit environments. High accuracy for all individual channel and system parameters including: spectrum, scan, tilt, carrier-to-noise, carrier level and  line voltage measurements. Tilt measurement for simplified system balancing MER, BER, Test constellation graphic display for accurate digital signal analysis. Programmable power shut-off extends time between charges. High impact plastic case and leatherette-vinyl case protect unit during field use.

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