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ID: GT00YZ00Z4

GAO Tek Conductivity Meter with Auto-Calibration feature enables technicians to measure salinity, conductivity and resistivity levels accurately.

ID: GT00YZ00Z6

GAO Tek Conductivity Meter is designed to measure the Temperature, Salinity and TDS  and Conductivity levels accurately and effectively.

ID: GT00YZ00Z7

GAO Tek Conductivity Meter with Temperature and Conductance sensor is designed for technicians to test purity of water effectively.


GAO Tek Portable Conductivity Meter with DJS-1C conductance sensor is used by technicians to test purity water level effectively.

ID: GAOTek-ECT-102

GAOTek Eddy Current Conductivity Meter is a professional device used to precisely measure the thermal performance, conductivity, and purity of the material. This conductivity meter uses 60 kHz to inspirit, matching the aviation industry standards, with dually interpreted data in %IACS or MS/m units.