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What Are Visual Locators and How Do They Help the Industry?

The biggest problems that arise from optical fiber networks are the troubles with connecting them. This is why we look for efficient methods which will help us better troubleshoot problem areas in the cables. One such product is a Visual Fault Locator. A Visual Fault Locator is a very important part of the installation and […]

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How OTDR Works: A Layman’s Definition

An Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is used to check if long distance optical fiber are installed and working correctly by using backscattered light signals. OTDRs are best used in the case of Outside Plants (OSPs) that are mostly outside buildings and can go on for very long distances (from thousands feet to hundreds of […]

Fusion Splicing 101: A Brief Introduction

Fusion splicing is the most widely used technique, the objective of which is to achieve such a join where light passing through the fiber is not scattered nor reflected back. In this article we will briefly describe fusion splicing, why it is preferred over mechanical splicing, and at the end, some of its advantages over […]