What does an Optical Talk Set do?

An Optical Talk Set is used during installation, commissioning and repair, in situations where other communications systems are inconvenient or unusable. The superb optical performance enables all applications to be solved with a Single Fiber Optic Talk Set.


The talk sets typically save time and help make field operations more efficient and predictable. They can be used for:

  • Fiber attenuation value testing
  • Full duplex digital communication with high quality conversation connection and low background noise
  • If used with Optical Clip-on Coupler, they enable online communications
  • CATV project maintenance
  • Data network project maintenance
  • Other Optical Fiber projects

Factors for selecting an Optical Talk Set

From the variety of talk sets, it is important to take into consideration the main properties of the instruments before buying: wavelength, transmission distance, emitter type, dynamic range, modulation, output stability, power supply, operating temperature, storage temperature, and etc.

These are the principal features that can affect your decision making process.

Optical Talk Sets Maintenance

  • Please clean the sensor’s surface regularly to keep it free of dust and oil. Do not use unclean and non-standard connectors. Do not insert the bad polished surface to avoid mangling the sensor’s surface and the whole system performance.
  • Please use the same type of adapter only.
  • Please screw back the dust protective cap if not in use for a longer time.
  • Please gently insert/pull out the connector to avoid scratching the surface.
  • Please use a cotton bud to clean the sensor’s surface regularly.
  • If the equipment is not used for a period of time, remove the batteries to keep the battery from damping.

Optical Talk Set Process

Insert the earphone, microphone and fiber to the talk set.

Turn on/off

  • Press the power button to turn on/off the unit.


  • The backlight is automatically turned off after 60 s idle time.


  • When the battery indicator on bottom left corner is empty, please charge the battery as this indicates battery is flat.
  • Please note the indicator lamp when charging.
  • Please turn off the talk sets if the battery is low.


Use the volume control on the earphone to increase or reduce the volume.

In order to realize the longer distance conversation over a single fiber, we must use one set of talk sets. Each of them must have different wavelengths, the typical combination is 1310 nm and 1550 nm. The talk set is full duplex voice communication. Please do not connect it to the other brands of talk sets.