Understanding Mental Health Imagine If, We Understood Mental Health Better

Mertha Mo Nyamande presents: ‘Understanding Mental Health Imagine If, We Understood Mental Health Better’

A reminder that the GAOTek Global Virtual Summits will be starting soon. The summit features Integrative Psychotherapist Mertha Mo Nyamande and his presentation on ‘Understanding Mental Health Imagine If, We Understood Mental Health Better.’ The event will be taking place from 12:30 PM to 2 PM EST on Thursday, May 6th, 2021.

Mertha Mo Nyamande is an Integrative Psychotherapist – Psychological Trauma Specialist who studied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at the Universities of Cumbria and Derby. He further read Philosophy of Mind at Oxford University, Psychoanalysis and Systemic (Family) Therapy, PTSD and complex grief with ePsy Canada to understand the complexities underpinning the development of a wide range of Mental Health Disorders/problems. Nyamande’s special interests include Addictions, Dementia, Personality Disorders and Grief/Complex Trauma (military or otherwise), having consulted for the UK Ministry of Defense and NHS IAPT services for many years. Mainly utilize non-pharmacological integrative approach to assess and help/treat a wide range of mental health problems to enable clients to understand the function of their feelings and/or emotions (positive, anxious and/or depressed), whether they have had therapy before or new to talking therapies/psychotherapy. Experienced, confident and able to help individuals/groups make sense of mental health disorders/difficulties.

What do we know about mental health? What is not known, clear/seek to present? Why Mental Disorders are on the increase… Awareness and trends. Clarify the continuum relationship of Mental Disorders. The composition of human belief and perception. Depicting the relationship between the right and left-brain activity in developing interventions. Organic brain disorders, like dementia and brain injuries, remain misunderstood. What is the impact of mental disorders on physical health? To explore and highlight the Mental Health challenges within the KP that increase their vulnerabilities and exposure to HIV/AIDS and other physical Health problems. There is “No health without mental health.” Nyamande helps explore this crucial realm by discussing the details of mental health. Anecdotal evidence shows that all Mental Health presentations are based on complexities in relationships and/or unmet need in childhood and/or at some point before adulthood. Anxiety is attributed to as far back as childbirth, as per perinatal. Mental disorders have a clear cause and can be helped if we know where and what to look for.

If we can identify the cause, then we can do something about preventing these problems. We can then cascade the findings and facilitate training to improve public response (locally and globally) to dealing with mental health issues. Structured research is required to validate this hypothesis. We could also follow a cohort of children from birth, or study records already available to establish validity.

Join us in welcoming Mertha Mo Nyamande as he shares his in-depth presentation on how we can understand Mental Health. For anyone interested in Mental Health, this will be a chance to hear advice from a real expert in the field.

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A reminder that the GAOTek Global Virtual Summits will be commencing soon. The phenomenal presentation on, ‘Understanding Mental Health Imagine If, We Understood Mental Health Better’ is one we recommend you attend. Hear the brilliant Mertha Mo Nyamande speak by purchasing your membership for this event today at https://gaotek.com/conference/summit-attendee/.          

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