Making Waves: GAO Tek’s Saline Solutions

The following article discusses how the water desalination industry is crucial for converting saline sources like seawater into freshwater for various applications. GAO Tek’s water conductivity testers, also known as Salinity Meters, are instrumental in this industry:

  1. Monitoring Desalination Processes: These testers ensure efficient salt removal from seawater, producing high-quality freshwater.
  2. Quality Control: Conductivity measurements maintain desired water quality during desalination, allowing prompt corrective actions.
  3. Brine Disposal: Conductivity testers measure brine conductivity, ensuring proper treatment and eco-friendly disposal.
  4. Scaling and Fouling Prevention: They monitor scaling potential, helping prevent efficiency-affecting mineral deposits.
  5. Process Optimization: Continuous monitoring optimizes desalination, reducing energy consumption.
  6. Leak Detection: Conductivity changes signal leaks or contamination, enabling swift action.
  7. Real-time Feedback: Measurements provide instant insights, maintaining water quality and efficiency.
  8. Research and Development: Vital for studying different feedwater compositions, testing membranes, and improving desalination.
  9. Regulatory Compliance: They ensure compliance with discharge water conductivity regulations, averting environmental impact.
  10. Maintenance Planning: Regular readings aid maintenance by indicating component cleaning or replacement needs.

GAO Tek’s testers adhere to industry standards and government regulations, serving North American and European markets in multiple languages. They play crucial roles:

  • Coastal desalination plants use them for efficient salt removal and freshwater production.
  • Industrial facilities rely on them for water quality management.
  • Research institutions assess new desalination technologies.
  • Municipal water authorities use them to meet drinking water standards.
  • Compliance and maintenance planning benefit from continuous monitoring.


Additionally, GAO RFID Inc., a sister company, provides RFID, BLE, and IoT products to the water desalination industry.

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