Power Meters: A Necessary Tool

Basic testing and measurement procedures to keep today’s optical fiber network up and running; requires advance, reliable and efficient tools. Optical power meters are few such testing and measurement tools which are most crucial to perform basic task in the optic calibration, in measurements such as laser power, optical amplifier output power and receiver sensitivity.

What are Power Meters?

An optical power meter is used for measuring absolute loss or relative power loss and hence it is an essential tool for fiber technicians for measurement and calibration purposes. Ideal optical power meter has an excellent linearity, homogeneity, full power range, profound reflections, low polarization dependence, and compatibility with different types of fiber.

GAOTek offers a full range of optical power meters to support fiber network establishment and testing, certification capabilities and basic power measurements. Their optical power meters provide highly accurate power measurements, great productivity and test certainty in various test conditions. They also offer optical power meters for all types of fiber optic networks, from a low cost, handheld meter to the most advanced instruments offering features such as a PON power meter & a fault locator. It serves as a convenient tool for manufacture, research & development, and maintenance of equipment incorporated with laser light sources.

The Importance of Power Meters

Over expanding demand in telecom industry across the globe has led to demand and requirement of highly precise optical power meters with improved connectivity, innovative technology and real time analysis. Apart from rising telecommunication industry; rise in power grid problems, digitalization and rapid industrialization is increasing the rate of adoption of the optical test equipment. Today optical power meters have paved their way into manufacturing, installation & maintenance and research & development industry as well.

Moreover, device accuracy for proper detection and inspection of flaws, increasing safety along with environmental requirements, and increased automation application are some of the prominent factors fueling the growth of power meters in industries like automotive & industrial industry, energy & utility industry, electrical & electronics industry, military and aerospace industry, and others.

Also, Asia Pacific has fastest market growth owing to escalating need for the high bandwidth communication and the growing demand for research and development activities.

However, it is also important to note that some of the reasons which are limiting the growth optical power meter market include: lack of awareness along with technical knowledge and expertise, difficulty in maintaining dynamic range and the high cost of testers.

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