GAO Tek 134.2 kHz ASA Fixed Reader Antenna Panel

This 134.2kHz ASA is fixed reader antenna panel.




This 134.2kHz ASA fixed reader antenna panel is designed for use along with the 134.2 kHz DSP Long Range Fixed RFID Readers (GAO 212007) and is designed for applications with demands for long distance identification and a large reading volume, such as cattle farms, slaughterhouses, packing plants or livestock markets.

In combination with the fixed RFID readers, they provide a powerful system with excellent reading distance of HDX and FDX RFID transponders even under harsh conditions due to the strong design, robust construction and resistance to typical environmental influences – the antennae are rated IP66. These antennas are perfectly suited for agriculture and food industry automation.

Key Features

  • Supports long distance identification with a large reading volume
  • Provides sufficient reading volume for cattle walk-through installations
  • Able to work under harsh conditions
  • Along with Fixed RFID Readers (GAO 212007) provides excellent performance even in noisy conditions
  • Suitable for agriculture applications and food industry automation

Technical Specifications

Item Description
Dimensions 1260 x 860 x 30 (60) mm (L x W x H)
Weight Approximately 6.5kg including cable
Protection level IP66


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