GAOTek Multi Gas Leak Detector For Coal Mines Meter

This Multi Gas Leak Detector for Coal Mines Gas Meter has temperature 4 °F to 122 °F, humidity range 0 RH to 90 % RH and 3.7 V lithium battery.




  • Can detect 1-4 gases at the same time
  • IECEX ATEX explosion-proof certification
  • IP 68 protection level
  • Bluetooth transmission
  • Three-meter drop resistance


Technical Specifications

Sampling method pump suction type
Gas type Oxygen, Combustible gas, Carbon monoxide, Hydrogen sulphide, Carbon dioxide
Measure range 0 VOL to 30% VOL,0 LEL to 100% LEL, 0 ppm to 500 ppm,0 ppm to 100 ppm,0 ppm to 5000 ppm
Resolution 0.01% VOL, 1% LEL,1 PPM,1 PPM
Response time ≤30 s
Precision ≤± 2% F.S except for special gases
Language Chinese/English
Automatically test and calibrate after power-on Including reset, maximum value (MAX), minimum value (MIN), STEL, TWA value
Unit PPM and mg/m³ can be switched and displayed by one key, and the concentration value is automatically converted by the system
Display monochrome graphics (160 x 96), screen can be automatically flipped
Backlight The backlight time can be manually set, and will be turned on automatically when an alarm is issued
Data record Can store 100,000 sets data, the storage interval is adjustable from 5 to 3600 seconds, data can be exported, with data cable
Alarm 95 dB buzzer, vibration alarm and flashing red LED and alarm status indication on the screen, alarm latched; diagnostic alarm and battery under voltage alarm, pump block alarm; man, down alarm, with early warning and optional real-time remote Bluetooth notification function
Battery 3.7 V rechargeable lithium battery, battery capacity 2200 mAH
Working hours More than 15 hours in continuous pumping mode
Charger Travel charger with DC interface, charging time ≥ 4 hours
Protection grade IP 68
Humidity 0 % RH to 90 % RH (no condensation)
Working temperature -4 °F to 122 °F (-20 ℃ to +50 ℃)
Size 6.18 in x 3.33 in x 2.34 in (157 mm x 84.5 mm x 59.5 mm)
Weight 0.80 lb (365 g)


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