Melting Point Apparatus with 3 Samples (Auto Calculating)



Key Features

  • LCD Display
  • Offers a measurement of melting point which is one the most important methods of measuring purity
  • Can measure three samples at the same time
  • Can be use in medicines, dyes, perfumes, and other organic crystal substances
  • Photoelectric test
  • Entry by digital keyboard and offers a real-time direct display of melting curve
  • Average function of the initial value and display the final melting points automatically

Technical Specifications

Melting-Point Measurement Range: Room Temperature to 300° C or 572° F
Minimum Digital Display: 0.1° C or 32 ° F
Linear Heating-up Rate: 0.2 – 5.0° C/min (32 – 41 ° F/min)
Accuracy: < 200° C (392°F) : ±0.5°C(33°F);200-300° C(392-572°F): ±0.8°C (33°F)
Dimensions: 398mm ×280mm×170mm or 15.7x11x6.7 inch
Weight: 11kg


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