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Fiber Optic Instruments

Our Fiber Optics Instruments are offered in six categories: OTDR (optical time-domain reflectometer) and locators, splicers, meters, sources and attenuators, switches and converters, and others. More...


Our transceivers include SFP+, SFP, GBIC, XFP, and others.


PSTN Testers

Our high quality and affordable PSTN devicess include xDSL Testers, E1 Testers, Line Testers, and Analyzers are mainly used in the production, troubleshooting, and maintenance of xDSL networks and telecom networks. More...


Cable Instruments & Equipment

We offer a wide selection of high quality, affordable cable instruments and equipment in three categories: CATV Meters & Instruments, CCTV & Video Equipment, and Ethernet Equipment. More...

Electrical Testers

We offer a full portfolio of handheld electrical analyzers including spectrum analyzers, digital oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, logic analyzers, and generators. More...

Environmental Testing Instruments

Our environmental instruments includes a selection of high-performance conductivity meters, durable gas detection instruments, advanced handheld ultrasonic meters... More...

Welcome to GAO Tek Inc., a Member of GAO Group

GAO Tek Inc. is a leading North American supplier of fiber optical products, and telecommunications, networks, PSTN, CATV, environment, chemical and bio-medical test and measurement instruments.

Celebrating over 20 Years of Innovation

When choosing GAO Tek as your technology provider you gain the benefit of our experience. As a part of GAO Group, we have over 20 years of experience and have served customers in more than 50 countries. We bring you peace of mind knowing our engineers right down to our sales staff are knowledgeable about our test equipment and can provide you with a reliable system, quality hardware and customized software, quicker than our competitors.

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Our technical experts are here to help answer your every inquiry. From the simplest of questions to the hardest questions about our fiber optics products, test equipment and RFID products we are here to help, with no sales pressure or hard sell tactics—just real answers to real questions.
Whatever your project, talk to our team of experienced, certified professionals. Once we understand your business environment and requirements, we will deliver an optimal solution.

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