GAOTek provides a wide collection of high quality and inexpensive cable options divided into three categories which includes CATV meters & instruments, CCTV & video equipment, and Ethernet & others. Each category contains a large variety of products that comply with the needs of various industries.

Our cable TV (CTV) meters & instruments category offer products ranging from cable fault locators, quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) & pulse code modulation (PCM) analyzers and signal level meters. Additionally, the circuit television (CCTV) & video equipment category includes color video quad processors and multi-functional CCTV testers. Our Ethernet and others category carries products such as Ethernet testers and time analyzers.

 CATV, CCTV, and Ethernet Products: A Detailed Description


GAOTek’s CATV signal meters test the digital and analog CATV and VHF/UHF off-air signal levels. Cable fault locators are also capable to detect, inspect and measure fault sports underground to provide the fiber solutions for the users. This information will support the users to locate the exact fault points in fibers, and allow quick and effective repair. Moreover, QAM and PCM analyzers measure QAM and PCM performance and analyze digital, communication, QAM & PCM, and VoIP devices.


CATV testers are portable, durable, compact, affordable, and user-friendly products. Their large and easy to read LCD display help the users to view test results and power level. These devices have long lasting batteries life and USB interface for transferring and archiving data to PCs. Moreover, several of these devices have a unique feature to auto on/off which allows user to control the devices easily.

Applications and Industries

These devices are mostly used in telecommunications, electric utilities, test / service companies, petrochemical facilities, mining industry, digital industry, internet service, scientific research, engineering installation and maintenance, and facility maintenance.

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