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GAOTek offers an extensive selection of high quality, budget friendly and precise anemometers for purchase. Featuring fast response times, multi-function measurements as well as intelligent signal processing for maximum reliability and stability, GAOTek’s category of Anemometers provides users with the best anemometers of any type. Our Anemometers are available for purchase in the United States, Canada and globally.


Mainly there are two types of anemometers – velocity anemometers and pressure anemometers. Moreover, there are six types of velocity anemometers and three types of pressure anemometers. There are different types of velocity anemometer such as cup anemometers, vane anemometers, hot-wire anemometers, laser doppler anemometers, ultrasonic anemometers, and ping-pong ball anemometers.

A cup anemometer consists of three or four cups attached to its horizontal arm, and the arm is attached to a vertical rod. As the wind blows, it rotates the cup, which in turn makes the rod spin. The stronger the wind blows, the faster the rod spins. The anemometer is used to count the number of rotation which can be used to calculate wind speed.


GAOTek anemometers provides a great collection of features:

Measurement: Celsius and Fahrenheit

Temperature: 0-50C

Power Supply: 110 -120V with a built-in power supply

Response time: Fast and take just up to two seconds

Multi-functions for measurement: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mile/h, CMM (732/733), CFM (732/733)

Our anemometers are high-quality devices that offer analog display, has built in rest transmitter, intelligent signal processing that ensures maximum measurement reliability and stability while using the device.


Cup anemometer is the industry standard for wind resource assessment studies and practice.

Ultrasonic anemometer is used at weather stations, ship navigation sites, wind turbine sites, and in aviation and weather buoys to measure gas emissions and ecosystem fluxes.

Ping-pong anemometer is used in middle-school level experiments.

Plate anemometer is used to trigger high wind alarms on bridges.

Pitot static anemometer is used for measuring airspeed of air crafts.

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