GAOTek Digital Anemometer





  • The data can be recorded manually, or the sampling interval can be set at any time, and the data can be recorded automatically
  • With a real-time display system, the instrument is connected to the computer, and the parameter curve is displayed on the computer in real-time
  • Support both AC and DC use, collect data on-site and place wind meters for a long time.
    Store 60,000 pieces of data, and you can find the recorded data in the instrument or computer
  • When the power is cut off, the reserved data will not be lost
  • Data storage is convenient. The computer software has powerful data processing functions, and the collected data can be displayed as a graph and saved in Excel format. There are free software upgrades
  • The probe is continuous, and different probe sockets can be interchanged
  • The instrument has 32 channels, and 32 measurements can be installed at the same time


Technical Specifications

Test range 0 in/s to 1574 in/s (0 m/s to 40 m/s)
Precision ±23 in/s (0.6 m/s)
Resolution 3.9 in/s (0.1 m/s)
Start-up wind speed ≤ 19 in/s (0.5 m/s)
Stability < 0.2 m/s/yr.
Accuracy ± 33 °F (0.5 °C)
Resolution 32.5 °F (0.1 °C)
Test range 32 °F to 680 °F (0 °C to 360 °C)
Precision ±680 °F (0.6 °C)
Resolution 32.5 °F (0.1 °C)


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