GAO Tek 125 KHZ Low Frequency (LF) Clamshell RFID Card EM4100-Passive



Technical Specifications

Type Contactless Read/Write
Operating Frequency 125 ± 6 kHz. (LF-Low Frequency)
Capacity 64 bits
Data Coding Type Manchester, Biphase, PSK
Common Usage Ticketing, high security hands free, Industrial or Manufacturing automation, Prepayment Devices
Standard Deployment Wallet size tag with slot for attaching strap
Tested Read Range 2 – 15 cm (1 – 6 in.) depending on RFID reader and data coding type
Multi-Detection Yes
Max read quantity determined by mode tags/sec
Size 85.6 x 53.98 x 1.8 mm
Material ABS + PVC
Color White – can be silk screened or offset printed on PVC side
Weight 9 g ± 0.5 g
Compliance IC EM4450
Operating Specifications Waterproof
Resistance to immersion in salt water, alcohol, oil, 10% HCL
Temperature:storage at Storge at -55 °C to 100 °C, Operating at -40 °C to 85 °C


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