GAOTek Foldable Drone

GAOTek professional foldable Drone is a high-performance instrument with intelligent power management made using ultra-light materials.



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GAOTek professional foldable Drone is a high-performance instrument with intelligent power management made using ultra-light materials. The Drone operates best between -10°C and +40°C (14°F to 104°F) and has a maximum flight time of about 31 minutes. It also comes with a variety of features such as a 30X Optical Zoom Lens, Thermal Imaging, and a low-Light Night- vision Camera. It supports JPG/MP4 format and micro SD card for more storage.

Other features include retractable landing gear, multiple intelligent control, GPS navigation system, front-facing infrared obstacle avoidance system, real-time sharing, and convenient foldable design. This drone has an a1/2.3 SONY IMX117 CMOS lens and can identify targets even in inclement weather conditions, such as rain or fog. This drone has a variety of applications, ranging from search and rescue operations to custom inspections, and could even be used for traffic enforcement!


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·      Ultra-light material

·      High-performance system

·      Smart power management system

·      Retractable landing gear

·      Multiple Intelligent control

·      41 minutes of flight time

·      GPS navigation system

·      Front-facing infrared obstacle avoidance system

·      30X optical zoom camera

·      Convenient foldable design

·      Real-time-sharing

·      Resource management


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Technical Specifications

Remote Controller DEVO F18G
Brushless Motor WK-WS-58-001
Battery 22.8V 4300mAh 5C(6S) Li-Po
Flight Time No payload: 41min, Payload: about 31min (standard load 30X optical zoom lens)
Main Rotor Diameter 17 x 5.5 inch (17 x 13.97 cm) symmetric motor wheelbase:700mm (27.56 inches)
Overall (L x W x H) Unfolded 565 x 565 x 340mm  (22.24 x 22.24 x 13.38 inches) / Folded 300 x 300 x 340mm (11.81 x 11.81 x 13.38 inches)
Weight No payload weight: 2400g (5.291lb) / Maximum takeoff weight: 5500g (12.125lb)
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃ (14°F ~ 104°F)
Controllable accuracy Static: ±0.008° (±0.000139 Rad); Motion: ±0.02° (±0.000349 Rad); Shake-proof: ±0.008° (±0.000139 Rad)
Controllable range Pitch rotation -90° ~ +45° (-1.5708 Rad ~ 0.785 Rad); Horizontal ±150° (±2.618 Rad)
Max Controllable Speed Pitch: 30°/s (0.5236 Rad/s)
Sensor 1/2.3 SONY IMX117 CMOS
ISO Range 100-3200(Video) / 100-1600(Image)
Video Resolution 4K 30fps
Photo Resolution 4608 x 2600
Focal Length 6.7-134.5mm (0.263–5.295 inches)
Zoom Ratio 30x optical zoom
Zoom Speed About 2.0s
Horizontal View 59.8°- 3.0°(Wide Angle-Telescopic)
Close-shot Distance 10 – 1500mm (0.393 – 59.05 inches)(Wide Angle-Telescopic)
Video Storage Maximum 64Mbps
Compress Standard H.264 / H.265
Files Format JPG/MP4
Support Micro-SD Micro SD/SDHC Card (maximum 128G, transmitting speed is C10 and above or UHS-1)
Downward Vision System
Hover accuracy range ±0.5m (±19.685 inches)
Frequency 50Hz
Velocity range Velocity ≤ 10.8km/h (3 m/s) (2m (78.74 inches) above ground and sufficient lighting)
Altitude range ≤ 3 m (118.11 inches)
Operating environment Surfaces with rich patterns and sufficient lighting
Remote Controller
GAOTek-DRONE-102 max output 100mw
Operating Frequency 2.4G
Transmitting Distance About 5km (5000m) (open without shelter, no electromagnetic interference)
Video Output Port USB、HDMI
Built-in battery 7.4V 3000mAh Li-po 2S
Operating Frequency 1.4G/2.4G
Overall (L x W x H) 165 x 174 x 62 mm (6.496 x 6.85 x 2.44 inches)
Mobile device holder Applicable to tablet and phone
Infrared Obstacle Avoidance System
Obstacle detecting range 5m (196.85 inches)
FOV horizontal 30° (0.5236 Rad); vertical ±30° (±0.5236 Rad)
Frequency 20 Hz


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·      Search and rescue operations

·       Equipment quality assessment

·      Police and military reconnaissance

·      Disaster relief

·      Environmental monitoring

·      Electric power emergency

·      Customs inspection

·      Security systems

·      Traffic enforcement


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Additional Information

Get to know your aircraft

·       The innovative design has the aircraft arms and landing gear all foldable and portable. Easy assembly generates quick operation.

·       The brand new three-battery redundant system provides our product with maximum reliability. Even when two batteries have a problem, the rest 1 battery still can ensure flight safety.

·       This Drone integrated a safety assurance system called Flight Safety, which is composed of a dual IMU, dual compass, and dual GPS system, which ensures safe and reliable operation.

·       The front-facing infrared obstacle avoidance module, altimeter, and optical flow positioning module,

·       The infrared Obstacle Avoidance System enables the aircraft to better position and sense obstacles while flying in the air, greatly reducing risks caused by desperation.

 The drone comes equipped with a 4G image transmission system, allowing you to access and capture images from the drone, no matter your situation.

  1. Gimbal and Camera
  2. Micro SD card slot
  3. Infrared Obstacle Avoidance System
  4. CW propeller ( )
  5. CCW propeller ( )
  6. Brushless motor
  7. Smart flight battery
  8. GPS antennas
  9. Landing gear
  10. Rear LEDs
  11. Front LEDs
  12. 4G antennas
  13. Infrared altimeter
  14. Optical lense
  15. 4G SIM card port
  16. Idle port
  17. USB upgrade slot                                                                            

Get to know your Remote Controller

DEVO-F18 with the built-in Bluetooth module, ensure the Max transmission distance can reach 1.5km, can see the clear picture by the APP in mobile device.

 Mobile Device Holder

  1. AUTO Landing
  2. AUTO Takeoff
  3. Manual Mode
  4. GPS Mode
  5. Left stick
  6. Right stick
  7. Follow me mode
  8. Circle flight
  9. IOC
  10. AUX4
  11. Gimbal control stick
  12. Status LED
  13. Battery Level LEDs
  14. Charging Indicator
  15. Bluetooth blue LED
  16. Charger socket
  17. Power Button
  18. Return To Home
  19. AUX3
  20. AUX2
  21. Motion Mode (Common)
  22. Beginner Mode
  23. Antenna
  24. Data transfer port
  25. Upgrade port
  26. Left Gimbal Dial
  27. Right Gimbal Dial
  28. Stop button
  29. Skid landing control button
  30. Photo button
  31. Video button
  32. Training port
  33. Enter key

Attention Before Flight

1.     This product uses 4G communication image transmission, please make sure the flight environment with strong 4G signal, wide and no electromagnetic interference.

2.     This product is suitable for people who have flight experience of hobby models and ages 14.

3.     Do not fly in bad weather, such as windy, snowy, foggy, etc..

4.     Select the open, no-tall-buildings area. Extensive steel-used buildings will affect the compass, blocking the GPS signal, causing worse on the aircraft positioning or even not able to locate.

5.     Please keep away from highly spinning parts(such as propellers and motors).

6.     Please keep away from obstacles, people, water and so on.

7.     Do not fly it in where there are high-voltage lines, communication base stations or radio towers, in order to avoid signal interference.

8.     Don’t fly in no-fly zone according to the local laws and regulations.

9.     Flight performance will be affected by the environment when flying above 4500m of sea levels, as the battery and gravity system will be influenced.

Check Battery Levels

Turn on the remote controller and intelligent flight Battery to check the battery level. Be sure the battery was fully charged at the first use.

1)               Long press the power button for 2~3 seconds to turn on the remote controller.

2)        Long press the power button for 3~5 seconds to turn on Intelligent Flight Battery. (Repeat above operation to turn off the intelligent flight battery and remote controller)

Charge the Batteries

1)         Connect the charger to the AC power (100 ~ 240v 50/60 Hz).

2)               Only use the charger provided to you for your Intelligent Flight Battery and remote controller. Please turn off the intelligent flight battery and remote controller before charging.

3)               The Level indicator of intelligent flight battery light off means charging finished completely;

The charging indicator of the remote controller turns green means remote controller charging finished completely

1)               Charger can charge 3 pcs aircraft batteries and the remote controller at the same time.

2)               3 pcs batteries maintain charge and discharge at the same time, to ensure the best performance.

3)               When charging, put it in a dry, ventilated place, keep away from the heat source and flammable and explosive.


Prepare for Remote Controller


Unfold mobile device holder and antenna, and adjust the position of the antenna.

Install tablet

1.         Press the button to release the clamp.

2.         Place your mobile device and adjust the clamp to secure.

Install Cellphone

Open the cellphone block and install the cellphone the same way as a tablet

Prepare for Aircraft

Unfolded The Arms and Landing Gears

1.     Remove the camera fixture.

2.     Press the machine arm folding lock, launches the machine arm upwards, and then loosen the lock buckle.

3.     Press the landing gear lock, launches the landing gear downwards, and then loosen the lock buckle.


Install Propellers

1.     Install the CW propeller   :

Insert the propeller cap into the blade holder and press it to the bottom. Turn the lock counterclockwise and gently lift it up.

The propeller will bounce automatically.

2.     Install the CCW propeller   :

Insert the propeller cap into the blade holder and press it to the bottom. Turn the lock clockwise and gently lift it up.

The propeller will bounce automatically.

3.     Unfold the GPS holder in the direction of the arrow.


Expand 4G communication antennas

1.     Press and hold the antenna mount to rotate the antenna down.

2.     Expand antennas completed


Install 4G Communication SIM Card(should buy it on your own)

1.     Prepare two 4G communication cards (should by it by your own)

2.     Put the 4G communication card into the 4G card slot of the aircraft.

3.     Put the 4G communication card into the mobile device.


Downward Vision System

Downward Vision system uses the camera to get the aircraft Position information, at the same time, can use the infrared sensor to fix the aircraft’s attitude, to ensure the aircraft precise positioning.

It is suitable for environments with an altitude of less than 3 meters without GPS signal or with weak GPS signals. Please make sure sufficient lighting of the environment and rich patterns of the ground surface, as the Downward Vision System identifies position variations based on the ground surface.

Revolution of Productivity

Power line Inspection

The drone is able to identify equipment failures instead of human inspection, greatly elevating operation efficiency. With the help of the 30X zoom lens, the drone is capable of carrying out long-range inspection without operation risks generated by magnetic interference.


30x Optical Zoom Lens Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera

Search and Rescue

With the powerful flight duration and ultra-long-range flight performance, the drone could be widely used in forest fire protection, disaster relief, etc.

30x Optical Zoom Lens Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera

Traffic Enforcement

In areas far away from roads and people, with the help of a 30X lens camera, you have easy access to high definition car plates and better law enforcement capability.

30x Optical Zoom Lens Camera

Police and Military Reconnaissance

With a backpack designed for individual combat, this drone enables soldiers to carry out reconnaissance missions. The drone is capable of identifying targets and can acquire information, even in rough conditions such as thick fog or storms.

30X Optical Zoom Lens Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera

Low-Light Night-Vision Camera