GAOTek LED Video Processor

This LED Video Processor has 2304 x 1152 max resolution, 10-bit processing, power supply of AC 110 to 220 V, and 4 custom PIP, POP display modes.




  • 10+ bit DCDI Cinema Processing
  • Advanced 4 x 4 Pixels
  • Interpolation Scaling Algorithm
  • HDMI 1.3 a with HDCP, HD 1080 p input
  • PAL or NTSC
  • 10-bit Processing
  • Seamless Switching, Fade-in or Fade-out switching, Blend switching in random input signals
  • HD Text, Flash, Graphics & Logo Overlay
  • 4 custom PIP, POP display modes, which can be switched by pressing one button
  • Hot Spare function, the display will be stable and reliable
  • Picture Freeze function
  • AIAO (Any in Any Out) function allows for displaying any captured picture in a specific area on the screen
  • 2305 x 1152 or 2560 x 816 output for single machine
  • Multi-machine in parallel, multi-unit installed in parallel drive indefinite LED lattice
  • Easy setup and adjustment through knob and keys on the panel
  • Full design command for operating and setting
  • Press keys or knob on the frontal panel to directly select the 10-channel input signal source, including 2 × CVBS 1 × DVI 1 × HDMI 2 × VGA 1 x SDI 1 × EX (extended model, can be VIDEO or SD I or HD-SDI or VGA or DVI or HDMI)
  • 2 channels can be configured to connect external stereo audio, plus DVI, HDMI and SDI audio; there are 5-channel audio for synchronous switch
  • 2 LED Transmission Cards Built-in ability (sending cards are optional)
  • 24 or 7 Application


Technical Specifications

Display Function Video
Color Full Color
Input Signal HD VGA DVI CVBS
Resolution 2304 x 1152 max
Usage Outdoor or indoor
Power Supply AC 110 to 220 V
Screen Dimension Customized


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