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GAOTek 72 kg 42000 mAh Lipo Batteries Autonomous Flight Sprayer Drone

GAOTek’ s 72 kg 42000 mAh lipo batteries autonomous flight sprayer drone is a robust and powerful agricultural drone specifically designed for spraying operations.

GAOTek 7km Control Range With Camera Drone

With five 480 GB CINESSDs, eight Intelligent Flight Batteries for extended flight time, and the powerful combination of Candence and Crystal Sky, this is all you need for masterful aerial cinematography.

GAOTek Aerial Brushless High-Definition Mini Digital Image Camera Drone

SKU: GAOTek-CD-302
This Aerial Brushless Mini Digital Image Camera Drone has image transmission distance of 1.86 mi and 60 min charging time with 2.4 GHz frequency.

GAOTek Aerial Photograph Camera Drone

SKU: GAOTek-CD-158
Aerial photograph Camera Drone is made with state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind, this product will last a lifetime.

GAOTek Agricultural FPV Sprayer Drone

SKU: GAOtek-FD-116
Integrates a number of cutting-edge technologies, including a Radar Sensing System that provides additional reliability during flight.

GAOTek Agricultural UAV FPV Drone

Technical Specifications Expand Size 53.35 in X 51.38 in x 21.65 in (1355 mm x 1305 mm x 550 mm)

GAOTek Agriculture Drone For Spraying Autonomous Power Sprayer Pump Agricultural Sprayer

GAOtek’s agriculture drone for spraying is a specialized autonomous power sprayer designed for agricultural applications.

GAOTek Anti-shake Dual WIFI 5G Obstacle Avoidance Brushless Camera Drone

SKU: GAOTek-CD-305
This Anti-shake Dual Wi-Fi 5G Obstacle Avoidance Brushless Camera Drone has battery of 7.4 V 3000 mah, 240 min charging time and 28 min flight time.

GAOTek Anti-Shake Gimbal Brushless Motor Camera Drone

SKU: GAOTek-CD-154
Anti-Shake Gimbal Brushless Motor Camera Drone with advanced features like 4K UHD video recording, GPS navigation, and intelligent flight modes.

GAOTek Anti-Shake Quadcopter Camera Drone

SKU: GAOTek-CD-214
This anti-shake quadcopter features 8K steering has 7 level wind resistance, battery life of 20 min, 5G image transmission distance and 90-degree camera.

GAOTek Automatic Return Long Flying Time Drone

This Automatic Return Long Flying Time Drone has a maximum flight time of 22 min, a charging time of about 150 min and a 7.4 V 2500 mAh battery.

GAOTek Autonomous 45 Kg UAV Agricultural Fertilizer Spreading Drone with GPS RTK

Features The fuselage adopts a closed design The plant protection machine has built-in GPS and compass module The height limit

GAOTek Autonomous Agricultural Drone

SKU: GAOTek-AD-131
This Autonomous Agricultural Drone has racing accuracy of 0.13 ft, azimuth angle of 41° and flying time of 25 min and elevation angle of 37°.

GAOTek Autonomous Agriculture Drone

SKU: GAOTek-AD-134
This Autonomous Agriculture Drone has a wheelbase of 27.17 in (690 mm), flying weight of 9.04 lb (4.1 kg) and flying range of 6.21 mi (10 km).

GAOTek Autonomous Flight Drone

SKU: GAOTek-AD-170
This Autonomous Flight Drone has a 1.24 mi flight distance, 0.31 mi flight height limit, and a remote control with 0.71 lb. payload capacity.

GAOTek Autonomous Flying Agro Spraying Crop Fumigate Drone

Technical Specifications Wheelbase (mm) 54.7 in (1390 mm) Folded Size (mm) 27.1 in x 27.1 in x 30.3 in (690

GAOTek Autonomous High Speed Surveillance VTOL Drone Fixed Wing UAV for Mapping

Technical Specifications Body material Carbon fiber composite 2650 mm Aircraft wingspan 104.3 in (2650 mm) Body length 57.08 in (1450

GAOTek Autonomous High-Speed Surveillance Drone

SKU: GAOTek-AD-136
This Autonomous High-speed Surveillance Drone has a wingspan of 66.92 in (1.7 m), length of 49.21 in (1.25 m), and RTF weight of 4.40 lb (2 kg).

GAOTek Autonomous Long Endurance Drone

SKU: GAOTek-AD-135
This Autonomous Agriculture Drone has image transmission distance of 6.21 mi, max ascent speed of 16.40 ft/s and working temperature of 59° to 122° F.

GAOTek Avoiding Brushless Drone Motor Quadcopter Professional Camera Drone

SKU: GAOTek-CD-234
This brushless motor camera drone has flight time of 30 min, control range of 0.62 mi (1 km), battery of 7.6 v/ 3000 mAh and 5 hr charging time.

GAOTek Beginner Drones Camera Follow Me Drone

This Follow Me Drone with great features like real-time tracking, geo-fence, low power consumption, GPS foldable drone and more for beginner user.

GAOTek Brushless Follow Me Drone

This Follow Me Drone is equipped with a 6-axis gyroscope, a 1080P HD camera, and a 2.4GHz remote control for aerial photography and videography.

GAOTek Brushless GPS Aerial Photography Drone

This brushless GPS drone aerial photography has a flight time of 15 min to 18 minutes, 360 degree roll support and an image transmission distance of 0.62 mi (1 km).

GaoTek Brushless Motor Drone

SKU: GaoTek-CD-247
This Brushless Motor Drone has a flight time of 25 minutes, an image transmission distance of ≤ 0.621 mi (≤ 1 KM) and control type is remote control.