GAOTek Portable Formaldehyde Single Gas Detector

This Portable Formaldehyde Single Gas detector has detector range of 0 ppm to 20 ppm, material of PVC +ABS and rechargeable battery.

GAOTek FGD-104



  • Designed to detect CH2O Gas, it’s suitable for industrial production
  • Its sleek black color enhances its professional appearance
  • Equipped with an Imported High-precision Sensor for accurate readings
  • The Vibration + Sound + Light Alarm system ensures effective notifications
  • Made from PVC+ABS, it features a rechargeable battery
  • The detector’s range covers 0 ppm to 20 ppm of CH2O Gas


Technical Specifications

Type Gas Detector
Detecting Gas Combustible Gas
Usage Industrial Production
Colour Black
Sensor Imported High precision Sensor
Alarm Type Vibration + Sound + Light Alarm
Material PVC+ABS
Battery Rechargeable
Range 0% LEL to 100% LEL


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