GAOTek Vibration Meter with RS232/USB Interface (Manage Data )

This portable ‘Vibration Meter with RS-232/USB Interface (Manage Data)’ is an easy-to-use device which measures vibrations and oscillations in many machines and can store a total of 1000 data points.





GAOTek Vibration Meter with RS-232/USB Interface (Manage Data) is an accurate, easy-to-use portable meter which measures vibrations and oscillations in many machines and installations and in development of products such as tools or components and has a unique data management feature. It consists of an acceleration sensor and a smart measuring instrument with a peak detector function. The meter has LCD display and can store 0-999, a total of 1000 data points. The meter needs no external power supply, is safe and reliable to work with, and its visual reading features helps to avoid manual recording at the measurement site therefore making it particularly suitable for vibration loop detection and data management on turbine generator, electric motors, compressors, pumps and other equipment in electricity, petroleum, chemicals.


  • Simply connecting the sensor forms a complete measurement system
  • The peak to peak (P-P) expresses the vibration displacement
  • Using the RMS value (RMS) expressed by measuring the vibration velocity
  • Three and a half LCD display;
  • USB data output and RS-232 data output for connecting the device to a computer
  • Auto power off after 5 minutes of the last operation
  • 9 V laminated battery power supply, a low voltage directive function to ensure the accuracy of measurement

Technical Specifications

 Displacement (P-P) 1 um – 1000 um
 Speed (RMS) 0.1 mm/s – 100.0 mm/s
 Acceleration (O-P) 0.1 m/s2 – 50.0 m/s2
 Frequency Response 10 Hz~1000 Hz
 Linear Error < ±5 %
 Storage Capacity 0 -999-1000 points
 Ambient Temperature 32 °F ~158 °F (0 °C ~70 °C)
 Relative Humidity < 85 %
 Power 9 V battery
 Size 6.49 in × 2.55 in × 1.18 in (165 mm × 65 mm × 30 mm)
 Weight 1.05 lbs (480 g) (including battery)

Additional Information

  1. Battery Installation

Open the battery box in the back of instrument, put 9 V laminated battery of type 6F22 into the box, pay attention to positive and negative polarity and close it.

  1. Instrument host software installation

Double click “SETUP. EXE”, click “next” button, the password can be optionally input. After the installation is complete a shortcut appears on the desktop.

  1. USB to RS-232 serial port driver installation

Host software installation is completed, install the USB to RS-232 serial port driver, go to “Start”-> “Program”-> “CUT vibrometer”-> “USB drive” for installation.

  1. Instrument host interface operating mode

There are two modes of operation, full-function mode and partial function mode.

Full function mode: This mode of operation is convenient for the user to test the same equipment at different times, access to multiple sets of measurement data.

Partial function mode: This mode of operation is convenient for multiple users to measure a plurality of rotating equipment, and obtain different measurement data.

Both methods are set by PC software.

Full function mode:

In full function mode, the vibration tester can measure and save 0-999 total 1000 point data. The user can view the corresponding historical data with “↑”” and “↓” and change the current measurement type with the” unit” keys. If history data is found incorrect, it can be measured and stored again at a corresponding position. Data in the table is transferred to the PC via the USB interface, and saved in the Excel file.

Specific operation:

Full function Settings:

  1. Click “serial contact”
  2. Click “Full function download”
  3. Achieve the function mode.

Data transmission:

  1. Click “serial contact”
  2. Click “upload “
  3. Hint data uploaded
  4. Click “open “, check the current upload dat

Partial function mode:

In partial function mode, the vibration meter is capable of measuring and saving up to 48 measured data points. Users can check the corresponding historical data through “↑” “↓”, but cannot change the current measurement type through “unit”. If any historical data is found incorrect, it can be re-measured and stored in the corresponding position. Through the USB interface data in the table is transferred to the PC and stored in the Excel file. Different from full function mode, multiple devices can be used to measure different measuring points in partial function mode through PC software access to all device data to the Excel file in order to facilitate further data processing.

Specific operation:

Partial function settings

  1. Click “New Project”, enter the project n
  2. Click “New Sub-project”, enter the sub-project name.
  3. Fill in the relevant points in “starting point” and “cut-off point” and click “√”
  4. Fill in the name and type of the measurement points in corresponding measurement points
  5. Click “save” to complete the sub-project establishment
  6. In the same way can create multiple subproject
  7. Click “serial contact”
  8. Choose one of the sub-projects
  9. Click “Download”

Data Transmission:

  1. Click “serial contact”
  2. Click “upload “
  3. Hint data uploaded
  4. Click “open “, check the current upload dat

Other functions:

Erase function: can erase measurement point data of the current equipment, but does not erase the measuring point parameters of the equipment.

 Measurement Method

The sensor is adsorbed onto vibration vertical section of the measured object (with magnetic base adsorption type) or (using probe measurement, pay attention to probe and measured body must be perpendicular to each other, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of measurement). Insert the signal line connecting the sensor into “sensor input” socket on the left side of the instrument. Press the “measure” button to complete the measurement of vibration, press the “save” key data stored locally and the system will automatically point to the next measuring point. In full function mode, press the “unit” button, change measuring unit into measuring.

Dual-probes fittings


  1. Instrument without display, the sensor signal line may be damaged or poor-connected; the wire condition should be often checked.
  2. Sensor core body with a fully enclosed structure, except the signal transmission line, cannot be disassembled.
  3. Meter unused for long periods, remove the battery, in order to stop the instrument from erosion.


Common trouble Possible reason
Not turned on Battery is poor-contacted
No signal input Signal lines broken, need to change the new line
Display jump or crash Shutdown, restart or re-install the host software


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