GAOTek Waterproof Agri Pesticide Sprayer Drone

This waterproof agri pesticide sprayer drone has a 4.23 ga (16 l) tank, 88.18 lb take-off weight, and 15 min flight time with a 0.62 mi radius.



Technical Specifications

Technical Parameter
Pesticide Tank 4.23 ga (16 L)
Net Weight 39.68 lb (18 kg)
Take-Off Weight 88.18 lb (40 kg)
Flying Time 15 min
Flying Radius 0.62 mi (1 km)
Flying Height 98.43 ft (30 m)
Flying Speed 39.37 ft/s (12 m/s)
Spray Speed 26.25 ft/s (8 m/s)
Wind Resistance 32.81 ft/s (10 m/s)


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