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GAOTek Agricultural Drone Water Tank Drone Agriculture Sprayer

SKU: GAOTek-WD-188
This Agricultural drone has take-off weight of 52.91 lb (44 kg), pesticide load of 44.09 lb (20 kg) and Spraying efficiency of 8 hectares. Explore for high-capacity water heaters (6l-30l) at unbeatable prices.

GAOTek Agricultural FPV Sprayer Drone

SKU: GAOtek-FD-116
Integrates a number of cutting-edge technologies, including a Radar Sensing System that provides additional reliability during flight.

GAOTek Agricultural UAV FPV Drone

Technical Specifications Expand Size 53.35 in X 51.38 in x 21.65 in (1355 mm x 1305 mm x 550 mm)

GAOTek Agriculture Drone For Spraying Autonomous Power Sprayer Pump Agricultural Sprayer

GAOtek’s agriculture drone for spraying is a specialized autonomous power sprayer designed for agricultural applications.

GAOTek Agriculture Sprayer Waterproof Drone

New Agriculture Sprayer fully sealed Waterproof Drone 2023 model with a deposit. Elevate your drone experience with advanced technologies.

GAOTek Agriculture UAV Waterproof Drone

Enhance your farming efficiency with the GAOTek Agriculture UAV Agricultural Drones. Achieve accurate and effective crop spraying for higher yields.

GAOTek Autonomous Flying Price Crop Spraying Agricultural Sprayer Drone

Technical Specifications Diameter 78.74 in (1999 mm) Spread size 43.3 in x 43.3 in x 23.6 in (1100 mm x

GAOTek Foldable Drone High Altitude Water Spray Cleaning Building Drone

SKU: GAOTek-FD-101
GAOTek  Foldable Drone is a versatile high-altitude water spray cleaning drone designed for efficiently cleaning buildings and windows.

GAOTek Fully Autonomous Operation Agricultural Drone Sprayer

Technical Specifications Dimensions 47.63 in x 47.63 in x 21.25 in (1210 mm x 1210 mm x 540 mm) Package

GAOTek Original New Launched Agriculture Drone Sprayer

SKU: GAOTek-PD-184
This New Launched Agriculture Drone Sprayer has a diameter of 1 inch, a structural layout of 6-axis, and a maximum wheelbase of 2100 mm 

GAOTek Payload Delivery Drone Agriculture

SKU: GAOTek-FD-128
This Delivery Drone Agriculture has a wheelbase of 66.92 ft, Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sprayer type, and applicable in farms, orchards, gardens.

GAOTek Sprayer Agricultural Lightweight Waterproof Foldable Drone

Optimize your agricultural operations with the 3K Carbon Fiber Drone Sprayer. Achieve your precise and efficient spraying for improved yields.

GAOTek UAV Agriculture Long Range Drone

Offering 4-axis 5L agricultural drone with 5KG payload capacity. It is equipped with GPS navigation, obstacle avoidance, and long-range communication.

GAOTek Water Spray Drone With Spray

SKU: GAOTek-WD-189
This Water spray drone has 13.1 ft to 26.24 ft width, flight duration of 20 min to 25 min and can carry pesticide load of 39.68 ft (18 kg).

GAOTek Waterproof Agricole Sprayer Drone

SKU: GAOTek-WD-283
This waterproof agricole sprayer drone has 1.6 L capacity, 77.16 lb (35 kg) takeoff weight,  3.11 mi flight radius and 35.27 lb pesticide load.

GAOTek Waterproof Agricultural Drone

SKU: GAOTek-WD-274
This Waterproof Agricultural Drone has dual 5.81 ga x 2 tank capacity, 83.66 in (212.5 cm) wheelbase, and arm diameter of 1.57 in with 3.33 lb tank.

GAOTek Waterproof Agricultural Spray Drone

Boost your agricultural productivity with the 16L Six-Axis Waterproof Agricultural Spray Drone. Achieve precision spraying and optimal crop health.

GAOTek Waterproof Large Delivery Drone

SKU: GAOTek-WD-300
This waterproof large delivery drone has a 77.16 lb weight, 7.93 gal capacity, 63.5 cm diameter, 70.87 in (180 cm) wheelbase and 8 spray nozzles.

GAOtek- Agricultural Sprayer FPV Drone

SKU: GAOtek-FD-141
Technical Specifications Pesticide Tank 5.28 ga (20 L) Net Weight 70.55 lb (32 kg) Take-off Weight 114.64 lb (52 kg)

GAOtek-Agricultural Sprayer FPV Drone

SKU: GAOtek-FD-156
An agricultural sprayer FPV drone is equipped with a spraying system and First Person View   technology, enabling remote piloting and precise liquid application for agricultural purposes.

GAOTek-Agricultural UAV FPV Drone

Technical Specifications Product Material  Aviation carbon fiber + aviation aluminum Product Extended Size  73.23 in X 73.23 in X 21.46

GAOtek-Agricultural UAV Lightweight FPV Drone

SKU: GAOtek-FD-117
Features The drone is equipped with a pesticide sprayer system, allowing efficient and precise application of pesticides and fertilizers on

GAOTek-Cleaning FPV Drone

Features Aviation aluminum alloy frame and folding joint, durable and tough Heavy duty brushless motors, waterproof and dustproof, with self-cooling

GAOTek-FPV Drone Camera 30L 6 Axis Pest Control

Features All-aviation aluminum main frame, light weight, high strength, impact resistance Module-level IP67 protection, no fear of water, dust, Corrosion