The RFID products are supplied by GAO RFID Inc., a sister company within the GAO Group.

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GAOTek proudly presents its wide-ranging and ever-growing variety of RFID products. RFID has a variety of devices that track items. RFID technology utilizes electromagnetic fields to help track tags attached to objects. These devices track or transmit information for specific purposes while storing it for later dates. From animal tags to credit cards, the daily use of RFID is not always evident, but it will become necessary in the future. The device can store information, track information and scan information with immediacy.

RFID tags are a secure and efficient commodity. By using both high and low-frequency passive tags or active tags, you can find what you are looking for with the integration of Near-Field Communications (NFC). These objects can import or export information. Various industries that utilize readers for animal tracking or security purposes use RFID tags. This information is crucial, it can detect if there is a breach in security or if any animal roams away from their approved sector.

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GAO Tek’s UHF Gen 2 Fixed RFID Reader/Writer with 2 Antenna ports

SKU: 236018tek
This UHF Gen 2 Fixed RFID Reader/Writer features Autopilot which eases deployment and maintenance.

GAOTek Access Control NFC

This Access Control NFC has 1 fps to 120 fps of acquisition speed, 640 pixelx 480 pixel CMOS sensor and roll 360° of scan angle.

GAOTek Animal Tag Reader

GAOTek Animal Tag Reader It meets with all FDX and HDX standard and can read 134.2Khz and 125khz animal tags.

GAOTek Asset Tracking Bluetooth Beacon

SKU: GAOTek-BB-128
GAOTek asset tracking bluetooth beacon is a waterproof beacon with ultra-low power consumption nRF 52 series chipset and BLE 5.0 technology.

GAOTek Barcode Scanner NFC Reader

This Barcode Scanner NFC Reader has a support of bluetooth 4.0, TF card support of 32 GB, battery of 4000 mAh and CPU of quad-core 1.5 GHz.

GAOTek Beacon Bluetooth Tracking Device

SKU: GAOTek-BB-133
GAOTek beacon bluetooth tracking device is ble low energy (BLE 5.0) beacon that embedded 3 axis accelerometer sensors for indoor positioning and business advertisement, it adopts ABS housing, Nordic nRF 52810 chipset and a piece of CR 2032-coin battery, with 100 meters long-range advertisement in case of open space.

GAOTek BLE Bluetooth Beacon Push Button

SKU: GAOTek-BB-127
GAOTek ble bluetooth beacon push button is an asset label Bluetooth beacon with a function to prevent disassembly.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon

GAOTek bluetooth beacon is a card Bluetooth beacon.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon

GAOTek bluetooth beacon is a bluetooth low energy temperature and humidity data logger with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology and Nordic N51822 chipset.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon

This bluetooth beacon is a beacon Tag Indoor Asset Tracking Cheap Bluetooth Beacon.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon

GAOTek beacon is a portable Beacon with ultra-low power BLE 5.0 technology.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon

This bluetooth beacon has an output power of -20 dbm to 4 dbm, transmission speed of 1 Mbps to 2 Mbps and current level of 6 mA to 4.6 mA.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon

GAOTek bluetooth beacon is adopting the Bluetooth 5.1 low energy technology, 10 years super long work life guaranteed via high quality AAA battery, with multi-functional Android & iOS, it simultaneously supports iBeacon, Eddystone.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon

GAOTek bluetooth Beacon has 3 axis accelerometer Bluetooth 5 ble personal proximity beacon with buzzer, ibeacon tag, and key chain location beacon features a small size, replaceable CR2032 coin battery, and a Bluetooth range of 100 m.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon

This Bluetooth Beacon has transmission range of 3 m to 1000 m, broadcast interval of 100 ms to 10 s, and working frequency of 2400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon

GAOTek bluetooth beacon is an ultra-low power Bluetooth low energy/ ANT/ 2.4 GHz proprietary multi-protocol.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon For Health Care

SKU: GAOTek-BB-169
This Bluetooth Beacon for Health Care has a chipset of nRF 52 series, a battery supply of CR 2032 coin, and a bluetooth version of BLE 5.0.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon For Parking Lots

SKU: GAOTek-BB-111
This Bluetooth Beacon for Parking Lots has transmission of up to 393.7 ft, power supply of 2 ER 14505 lithium battery and compressive strength of 5 t. 

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon Outdoor With Button

SKU: GAOTek-BB-129
GAOTek bluetooth beacon outdoor with button is a new generation beacon that loaded Bluetooth 5.0 hardware platform and Mini Beacon Plus intelligence software.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon Push Button

SKU: GAOTek-BB-160
GAOTek bluetooth beacon push button is a new generation beacon that loads Bluetooth 5.0 hardware platform and Mini Beacon Plus intelligence software.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon Social Distancing Measuring

SKU: GAOTek-BB-171
GAOTek bluetooth beacon social distancing measuring provides a proactive system to support and condition workers to comply with social distancing limit the number of Subject 1 s.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon Sound Buzzer

SKU: GAOTek-BB-180
GAOTek bluetooth beacon sound buzzer is an IP 67 Waterproof with 100 m longer range.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon Tag For Indoor Positioning

SKU: GAOTek-BB-112
GAOTek bluetooth beacon tag for indoor positioning is the perfect solution for anyone who has ever misplaced their keys or other important items.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon Tag Key Finder

SKU: GAOTek-BB-165
This Bluetooth Beacon Tag Key Finder has operation frequency of 2400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz, voltage of 2 V to 3.6 V and transmission distance of 230 ft.