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GaoTek Aerial Photography Quadcopter

SKU: Gaotek-GCD-295
This aerial photography quadcopter has a maximum flight time of 25 min, a charging time of 240 min and an image transmission distance of 6562 ft.

GAOTek Brushless Motor Long Range Drone

FIMI X8SE V2 Professional Drone with Camera is the perfect choice for capturing stunning HD video and 4K images from long distances. With its long-range brushless motors, you can fly farther and capture more.

GaoTek Brushless Obstacle Avoidance Quadcopter Drone

SKU: Gaotek-GCD-273
This brushless obstacle avoidance quadcopter drone has a flying time of 30 min, image transmission distance of 1.86411 mi (3 km) and an 8K camera.

GAOTek Drone FPV Brushless Quadcopter RC Drone with GPS and 4k Camera

SKU: GAOTek-CD-106
GAOTek Drone is a high-performance quadcopter equipped with a 4K camera and GPS for precise navigation.

GAOTek Drone Gesture Photo 4K Selfie Drone Foldable Wi-Fi Quadcopter Helicopter Drone With 4K Camera And GPS

Drones Uses Gesture Photo & Video, FPV Real-Time Transmission, and Smart Voice Control. A perfect combination of technology and convenience.

GAOTek Drone with Foldable Arm HD Camera Drone RTF Follow me Mode Gesture control RC Helicopter

This drone is equipped with a 1080P HD camera, 6-axis gyroscope, and a long-lasting battery. Elevate your flying adventure and capture stunning visuals.

GAOTek Dual-Camera Aerial Quadcopter

Drone with advanced features like long-range control, real-time image transmission, and intelligent flight modes. Enjoy a smooth flight experience.

GAOTek Foldable Folding GPS App Control Gesture Sensor Drone

This drone features real-time tracking and geo-fencing. GPS App Control is designed to provide a reliable way to monitor your vehicle or asset.

GAOTek Follow Me Mode Quadcopter Helicopter RC Drone

This follows me mode quadcopter helicopter RC drone has flying time of 20 to 25mins, remote distance of 984.252 ft and battery controller of 1.5V AA.

GAOTek FPV Long Distance GPS Quadcopter Drone

This quadcopter optical flow drone has weight of 0.54 lb (245 g), control distance of 1968.5 ft (600 m) and image transmission distance of 3280.84 ft.

GAOTek FPV Quadcopter Long Range Drone

This FVP drone has battery of 7.4 V 3000 mAh, flying distance of 16404 ft (5000 m), charging time of about 100 min and flght time of 35 min.

GAOTek FPV Quadcopter Long Range Drone

This FVP drone features 8K camera has image transmission distance of 3280 ft (1000 m), flight range of 9842 ft (3000 m) and 5G speed.

GAOTek FPV Quadcopter Optical Flow Gesture Control Drone

This FPV Quadcopter Optical Flow Gesture Control Drone has dual 4k HD camera and 7.4 V 1300 mAh, control distance up to 3280.84 ft (Up to 1000 m).

GAOTek GPS Long Range Quadcopter Drone

This GPS Long Range Quadcopter Drone has a charge time of 360 min to 400 min, control distance of 3280.84 ft and an action time of 22 min to 24 min.

GAOTek GPS Outdoor Professional Drone

This GPS Outdoor Professional Drone has a charging time of 60 min, obstacle avoidance, portable RC drone and a remote control function.

GAOTek GPS Photography Long Range Drone

GPS Folding Drone with 6K high-definition video and GPS positioning for moments of your adventure. Enjoy up to 25 minutes of flight time on a single charge. With GPS positioning and return-to-home features, our drone will automatically return to its starting point if it loses connection, or the battery is running low.

GaoTek GPS Quadcopter HD Camera Laser Obstacle Avoidance

SKU: Gaotek-GCD-272
This GPS Quadcopter has a flight time of 20 min, 2624.67 ft (800 m) image transmission distance and drone battery of 7.4 V 2200 mAh with 6 axis gyro.

GAOTek Helicopter Remote Control Rc Photography Drone

This Helicopter Remote Control Rc Photography Drone has 5G frequency, 4K HD camera, flight time of 21 min, voltage of 7.4 V, 1200 mAh battery capacity.

GAOTek Infrared Long-Range Drone

Features With Camera, APP Control, Remote Control, and Foldable design for ease of use and portability. Made from durable Plastic

GaoTek Long Distance Obstacle Avoidance Drone

SKU: Gaotek-GCD-291
This long distance obstacle avoidance drone has a max flight time of 23 min, image transmission distance of 0.62 mi (1 km) and  4k image resolution.

GAOTek Long Distance Portable Drone

This portable drone has flight time of 32 minutes, remote control distance of 4.97 mi (8 km), 4K camera and range mileage of 12.42 mi (20 km).

GAOTek Long Range Control Distance Drone

This long range drone has image transmission distance of 7.45 mi (12 km), maximum flight time of 31 minutes, and 5.4K video resolution.

GAOTek Long Range GPS Drone

This popular design GPS drone is designed to be light weight for maximum flight time up to 40 minutes. It also offers an integrated Li-ion battery.

GAOTek Long Range Photography Drone

Features GPS positioning, stable flight, and high-definition aerial photography. Advanced two-axis coreless gimbal for stable video. Remote control with various