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GAOTek 5-Liter Agricultural Drone Sprayer Entry Level Drone For New Pilot

This drone sprayer is perfect for agricultural work. Our Agricultural Drone Sprayer is efficient, easy to use, and perfect for your next project

GAOTek 72 kg 42000 mAh Lipo Batteries Autonomous Flight Sprayer Drone

GAOTek’ s 72 kg 42000 mAh lipo batteries autonomous flight sprayer drone is a robust and powerful agricultural drone specifically designed for spraying operations.

GAOTek Agricultural Drone UAV Farmer Sprayer Autonomous Flying

Technical Specifications Product expansion size 70.07 in x 70.7 in x 23.62 in (1780 mm x 1780 mm x 600

GAOTek Agricultural FPV Sprayer Drone

SKU: GAOtek-FD-116
Integrates a number of cutting-edge technologies, including a Radar Sensing System that provides additional reliability during flight.

GAOTek Agricultural UAV FPV Drone

Technical Specifications Expand Size 53.35 in X 51.38 in x 21.65 in (1355 mm x 1305 mm x 550 mm)

GaoTek Agriculture Drone

This agriculture drone has material of wood, capacity of 0.13 ga (0.5 L) and tank capacity of 26.42 ga (100 L) with long range remote control.

GAOTek Agriculture Drone For Spraying Autonomous Power Sprayer Pump Agricultural Sprayer

GAOtek’s agriculture drone for spraying is a specialized autonomous power sprayer designed for agricultural applications.

GAOTek Agriculture Sprayer Drone

SKU: GAOTek-AD-132
This Agricultural Sprayer Drone has a wheelbase of 79.84 in (2028 mm), tank capacity of 5.28 gal (20 l) and frame weight of 21.29 lb (9.66 kg).

GAOTek Agriculture Sprayer Waterproof Drone

New Agriculture Sprayer fully sealed Waterproof Drone 2023 model with a deposit. Elevate your drone experience with advanced technologies.

GAOTek Agriculture UAV Waterproof Drone

Enhance your farming efficiency with the GAOTek Agriculture UAV Agricultural Drones. Achieve accurate and effective crop spraying for higher yields.

GAOTek Autonomous 45 Kg UAV Agricultural Fertilizer Spreading Drone with GPS RTK

Features The fuselage adopts a closed design The plant protection machine has built-in GPS and compass module The height limit

GAOTek Autonomous Aerial Spraying Drone

SKU: GAOTek-AD-148
This Autonomous Aerial Spraying Drone has a diameter of 43 in, tank capacity of 3.17 gal (12 l), and maximum take-off weight of 77.16 lb (35 kg).

GAOTek Autonomous Agriculture Drone

SKU: GAOTek-AD-134
This Autonomous Agriculture Drone has a wheelbase of 27.17 in (690 mm), flying weight of 9.04 lb (4.1 kg) and flying range of 6.21 mi (10 km).

GAOTek Autonomous Commercial Parcel Cargo Delivery Drone For

Features Autonomous Navigation Payload Capacity Long Flight Range Battery Life and Swapping Precision Landing Communication and Tracking Safety Features  

GAOTek Autonomous Flight Drone

SKU: GAOTek-AD-170
This Autonomous Flight Drone has a 1.24 mi flight distance, 0.31 mi flight height limit, and a remote control with 0.71 lb. payload capacity.

GAOTek Autonomous Flying Agro Spraying Crop Fumigate Drone

Technical Specifications Wheelbase (mm) 54.7 in (1390 mm) Folded Size (mm) 27.1 in x 27.1 in x 30.3 in (690

GAOTek Autonomous High Speed Surveillance VTOL Drone Fixed Wing UAV for Mapping

Technical Specifications Body material Carbon fiber composite 2650 mm Aircraft wingspan 104.3 in (2650 mm) Body length 57.08 in (1450

GAOTek Autonomous Intelligent Flying UAV Crop Sprayer Drone Agricultural Sprayer Drone

Technical Specifications Self-weight 40.7 lb (18.5 kg) Takeoff weight 97.00 lb (44 kg) Spray width 7.6 yd to 8.7 yd

GAOTek Camera FPV Professional Drone Long Range

Technical Specification Function Altitude Hold Mode, With Camera, With LED lights, One Key Takeoff / Landing, APP Control, With Remote

GAOTek Carbon Fiber Long Range Drone

Take your aerial video recordings to the next level with the Professional Drone 8K Video! Get amazing, crystal-clear footage with the latest in drone technology.  

GAOTek Delivery Drone With 4k Camera And GPS

SKU: GAOTek-PD-187
This drone offers Delivery UAV Drones Long Range With 4k Camera and GPS Long Range Payload with camera and high quality and reliable performance.

GAOTek Drone Professional Four Axis High Quality FPV Set Flight Aerial Photography Full Set Drone

Drone Professional Four Axis with advanced features like HD camera, GPS, and long flight time. Experience immersive flights and navigate like a pro.

GAOTek Easy Operate Electrical Wire Drone

SKU: GAOTek-PD-227
electrical pull line UAV is mainly used for aerial work under complex terrain conditions.

GAOTek Electric Endurance Long Distance Cargo Delivery Drone

SKU: GAOTek-PD-212
This Cargo delivery Drone has image transmission distance of 6.21 mi (10 km), control distance of 6.21 mi (10 km) and 40 min of flight time.