Sound Level Meter with Wide Frequency Range (Light Weight)




Technical Specifications

 Standard JJG 188-2002; IEC 61672-1: 2002 type2
  Accuracy ± 1.5dB (at 1KHz 94dB)
  Frequency 31.5Hz to 8KHz
  Dynamic indicator range 50Db
  Measuring range 30-130dBA; 35-130dBC
  Frequency weighting A/C
  Time weighting Fast(F)/slow(S)
  Sensor 1/2 polarization capacity microphone
  Display LCD with 4 digits
  Bar graph 1 scale for 1dB, 125ms
  Manual range 30-80dB; 50-100dB;60-110dB; 80-130Db
  Data recording 10 (Manually recording)
  Over range indicator “OVER”, “UNDER”
   DC output 0-2.5V, 25mV/dB, output impendance 600Ω
   Power supply 1*9V 6F22;adaptor(DC9.0V,100mA)
   Battery life 8hours(Alkaline battery, without backlight)
   Ambient condition 32 to 104°F; 10-80%RH
   Storage condition 4- 122°F; 10-70%RH
    Size 8.66*2.87*1.37 (Inch)
   Weight 290g
   Accessories instruction manual, wind screen, battery, carrying case, DC output cable


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