Turbidimeter with Online Continuous Measurement (Alarm)




Key Features

  • Flow the line form features design, simple and direct operation with the higher sex price ratio,adopt a low drift,thehigh accuracy electric circuit system, can go together with to connect long rangemanifestation extension.
  • The dependable fixed position structure and the high accuracy light road system, respond to speed quick,measure accurate, the valid color degree is in expiation of, keeping read muddy degree value.
  • Have steady flow to eliminate the bubble device,high strength longevity life light source,frommeasure function,the 4-20 mA signal exportation to connect.
  • Measure the distance breadth, stabilize credibility;The school is quasi- in brief, the ABS plasticscent body wall hang type, install maintenance simple, instrument ability long time stable work

Technical Specifications

Readout Accuracy 0.01

Measuring Range



Basic Error (F.S) ±2%
Water Kind Discharge 400~1000ml/min
Enter Water Pressure 0.05 ~ 0.2 MPa
Adapt Temperature 39.2F-104F  (4 ~ 40 °C)



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