Applications of PH Meters in Waste Water Treatment


Waste water treatment is the process of treating and purifying contaminated or used water, often originating from domestic, industrial, or agricultural sources, before it is released back into the environment. The primary goal of wastewater treatment is to remove pollutants, contaminants, and harmful substances from the water to ensure that it meets environmental standards and does not adversely affect ecosystems or human health. This process typically involves various physical, chemical, and biological methods that work together to separate solids, break down organic matter, and eliminate pathogens, heavy metals, and other harmful compounds. After undergoing treatment, the treated wastewater can be safely discharged into water bodies or reused for non-potable purposes, contributing to the sustainable management of water resources.

Depending on specific features and functions, GAO Tek’s “PH Meters” are sometimes referred to as pH Testers, pH Monitors, pH Analyzers, pH Measurement Devices, pH Sensors, pH Gauges.

GAO Tek’s PH Meters have the following applications in waste water treatment:

  • Optimizing pH Levels: Monitoring and maintaining optimal pH levels at various stages of the wastewater treatment process using GAO Tek’s specialized pH measurement devices.
  • Ensuring Efficient Reactions and Microbial Activity with Reliable pH Meters: Ensuring the ideal pH conditions required for efficient chemical reactions and the activity of microorganisms, with GAO Tek’s reliable pH meters playing a pivotal role.
  • Informed Decisions and Enhanced Efficacy: Employing GAO Tek’s accurate pH measurements to make informed decisions and precise adjustments to our wastewater treatment processes, thereby enhancing their efficacy.
  • Contributing to Effective Wastewater Treatment: Leveraging GAO Tek’s pH meters to contribute significantly to the effectiveness of our wastewater treatment endeavors, ensuring compliance with environmental standards before the treated water is released or reused.
  • Preserving Aquatic Ecosystems: Detecting potential anomalies such as deviations in acidity or alkalinity that could pose risks to aquatic ecosystems, facilitated by the precision of GAO Tek’s pH meters.
  • Process Control and Environmental Safeguards: Strengthening process control mechanisms and bolstering environmental safeguards by utilizing the dependable pH measurements provided by GAO Tek’s innovative pH meters.

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Complying with Waste Water Treatment Standards

GAO Tek’s pH Meters comply or help our customers comply with the waste water treatment standards such as:

  • ISO 5667-3: Water quality
  • ASTM D1293
  • EPA Method 150.1
  • ISO 10523
  • EN 27888
  • USEPA Method 9040C
  • ASTM E70
  • ASME MFC-14M
  • APHA Standard Methods 4500-H+B
  • IEC 60529

Complying with Government Regulations

GAO Tek’s “pH Meters” comply or help our customers comply with the U.S. government regulations such as:

  • Clean Water Act (CWA)
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
  • Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) Program
  • Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)
  • Effluent Limitations Guidelines (ELGs)
  • Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)
  • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA)
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Regulations


GAO Tek’s pH Meters comply or help our clients comply with the Canadian regulations such as:

  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act
  • Fisheries Act
  • Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations (WSER)
  • Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines
  • Ontario Water Resources Act (OWRA)
  • Environmental Emergency Regulations
  • National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI)
  • British Columbia Environmental Management Act
  • Quebec Environmental Quality Act
  • Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
  • Saskatchewan Environmental Management and Protection Act

Case Studies of PH Meters in Waste Water Treatment

PH Meters are sometimes called: pH Testers, pH Monitors, pH Analyzers, pH Measurement Devices, pH Sensors, pH Gauges.

Here are some practical examples of using pH Meters in waste water treatment:

  • A municipal wastewater treatment plant in New York uses pH meters to monitor and adjust pH levels during the primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment stages, ensuring compliance with discharge regulations.
  • A pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in New Jersey employs pH meters to control the pH of wastewater generated from their production processes, preventing environmental contamination.
  • An industrial dairy processing plant in Wisconsin utilizes pH meters to optimize the treatment of dairy wastewater before releasing it into local water bodies, safeguarding aquatic ecosystems.
  • A paper mill in Ohio employs pH meters to maintain the pH balance in their wastewater treatment process, preventing corrosion and ensuring compliance with water quality standards.
  • A chemical manufacturing plant in Texas uses pH meters to continuously monitor the pH levels of their effluent before it enters the local wastewater treatment facility, preventing disruptions to the treatment process.
  • An oil refinery in Louisiana relies on pH meters to ensure that the pH of its wastewater meets regulatory requirements before being discharged into nearby water bodies.
  • A winery in California employs pH meters to monitor and adjust the pH levels of their wastewater, which contains grape processing residues, before it is treated and reused for irrigation.
  • A semiconductor manufacturing facility in Oregon utilizes pH meters to control the pH of wastewater generated during the cleaning of semiconductor equipment, ensuring safe discharge into the local sewage system.
  • A municipal wastewater treatment plant in Ontario uses pH meters to monitor the pH levels of influent and effluent water, ensuring effective treatment and compliance with regulatory standards.
  • A pulp and paper mill in British Columbia employs pH meters to optimize the pH of their wastewater treatment process, reducing the environmental impact of their operations.

GAO RFID Inc. GAO RFID, a sister company of GAO Tek Inc., is ranked as a top 10 RFID supplier in the world. Its RFID, BLE, and IoT pH Meters have also been widely used in waste water treatment.

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Use of PH Meters with Leading Software and Cloud Services in Waste Water Treatment

GAO Tek has used or has facilitated its customers to use GAO’s “pH Meters” with some of the leading software and cloud services in their applications. Examples of such leading software and cloud services include

Application Software:

  • LabView
  • Hach WIMS
  • Thermo Fisher SampleManager
  • Hanna Instruments HI-92000
  • Metrohm tiamo
  • Horiba LabSpec
  • YSI Ecowatch
  • Oakton pH 600 Series
  • Thermo Fisher GRAMS Suite
  • Shimadzu LabSolutions
  • Hach Water Intelligence System
  • Horiba Water Quality Cloud
  • Thermo Fisher SampleManager Cloud
  • Hanna Instruments Edge Cloud
  • YSI Ecowatch Cloud
  • Oakton pH 600 Series Cloud
  • Metrohm tiamo Cloud
  • LabView Cloud

GAO Tek’s pH Meters and their applications in other industries are listed on this page. Shop Our Chemical & Life Sciences Products . Other related pH Meters can be found at this category page Water Quality Testers

GAO Has Many Customers in Waste Water Treatment

The pH Meters from both GAO Tek Inc. and GAO RFID Inc. have been widely used in waste water treatment by many customers, including some leading companies. Here is more information on applications of GAO RFID Inc.’s pH Meters in waste water treatment.

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Here are some of the leading companies in waste water treatment:

  • Veolia Water Technologies
  • Xylem Inc.
  • Suez Water Technologies & Solutions
  • Wood PLC
  • Evoqua Water Technologies
  • GHD Group
  • CDM Smith
  • Aquatec International LLC
  • Tetra Tech, Inc.
  • Black & Veatch
  • Burns & McDonnell
  • Jacobs Engineering Group
  • CH2M Hill (now part of Jacobs)
  • H2O Innovation Inc.
  • Garver
  • MWH Constructors (part of Stantec)
  • Suez Canada
  • EPCOR Water Canada
  • Xylem Canada
  • SNC-Lavalin Group
  • Stantec
  • WSP Canada

Veolia Water Technologies

Xylem Inc.



Wood PLC

Evaqua Water Technologies


SNC Lavalin



Tera Tech

Brown and Cadwell

Burns and McDonnel

Black and Veatch

Jacobs Engineering

H2O Innovation