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ID: 124007tek

The rugged RFID wrist strap tag is suited for personnel tracking and monitoring.

ID: 124012-HZtek

This 433 MHz active RFID personnel hazard tag is ATEX Zone 0, ICEPEX and intrinsically safe certified.

ID: 124017tek

The industrial active RFID asset tag is ideally suited for heavy duty or outdoor assets.

ID: 124017-HZtek

This UHF active RFID asset hazard tag is intrinsically safe certified to ATEX Zone 0 and ICEPEX standards.

ID: 124044tek

The Active 433 MHz Thin RFID Tag is a battery-powered RF transmitter.

ID: 124053tek

The Active 433MHz RFID Badge Tag is a battery-powered RF transmitter.

ID: 124046tek

Designed for use with rack-mounted assets.

ID: 124055tek

The humidity-temperature RFID tag monitors the ambient temperature and relative humidity.

ID: 124048tek

This rack door tag is designed for use on IT rack cabinet doors.

ID: 124010tek

An internal lithium battery powers the Wavetrend L-series of Active Tags.

ID: 124015tek

An internal battery powers The Wavetrend series of Active Asset Tags.

ID: 124017-Temptek

This asset temperature tag can be used to measure temperature in an indoor or outdoor environment.

ID: 124054tek

This battery-powered rack temperature RFID tag can be used with most standard fixed and mobile readers.

ID: 124006tek

This windshield RFID tag features high heat/cold resistance.

ID: 124070tek

This 433 MHz active RFID tag series feature compact sizes.

ID: 124012tek

The active RFID personnel tag is intended for use in all personnel security.

ID: 124008tek

The compact RFID active tag is an ultra long-range transmitter.

ID: 124009tek

The micro wrist strap tag is suitable for personnel tracking and monitoring in healthcare.

ID: 124014tek

The 433 MHz active RFID key fob tag operates in two modes.

ID: 124018tek

The active RFID indoor asset tag is specially designed for indoor asset tagging applications.