GAO Tek’s Active 433 MHZ Thin RFID Tag

The Active 433 MHz Thin RFID Tag is a battery-powered RF transmitter.




The Active 433 MHz Thin RFID Tag is a battery-powered RF transmitter that attaches to items that need to be tracked, located and identified. Every tag broadcasts its factory pre-programmed, unique ID and a status message at a periodic rate. The tags their low profile and rounded edges make them specifically useful for tracking IT equipment and shareable resources such as handheld and laptop computers that slide into carrying cases and frequently move between different locations.

The Active RIFD tag’s adhesive backing allows for easy installation and helps prevent tampering or removal of the tag – simply peel the adhesive backing off of the tag and apply the tag to an asset. These Thin Tags are designed to be used for the entire lifespan of a single asset. Communication protocols allow for very high tag densities so that large populations of tags can be deployed in highly scalable asset tracking environments.

The tags beacon once every 2.5-second and can be customized to support an integrated tamper detection sensor. Once applied, if the tag is removed from the asset it will broadcast a tamper alarm signal that can then be acted upon.

The tags are impact resistant, splash resistant and temperature stable. Read ranges up to 1,000 feet can be obtained with optional antenna configurations. The standard tag operates with a very low duty cycle that translates to long battery life of greater than 3 years (typical) at a 2.5-second beacon rate.


  • Encoded Radio Transmissions at 433 MHz
  • Low Profile and Rounded Edges
  • Thin Tag Enclosure
  • Designed for Use with a Single Asset
  • 2.5 Second Beacon Rate
  • Low Power Consumption for Long Battery Life
  • Smart Tag Options: Tamper Detection
  • Superior Anti-Collision Technology for High Tag Densities

Technical Specifications

Operating Frequency 433.92 MHz
Group Code & Tag ID Codes > 1trillion unique IDs
Typical Transmission Range > 300 ft.
Radiated Emissions 71.8 dBuV/m (maximum)
Modulation ASK
Stability Saw Stabilized
Sensor Options Tamper
Width 3.04 in (77.21 mm)
Depth 1.370 in (34.79 mm)
Height 0.228 in (5.79 mm)
Case Weight 0.50 oz (14.1 g)
Construction Injection-molded polycarbonate enclosure
Durability Tough, impact resistant and temperature stable
Operating Temperature: -20 °C to 70 °C
Storage Temperature: -40 °C to 80 °C
Sealing Splash resistant
Battery Type Lithium CR2032 coin cell
Smart Tag Feature Low battery indication
Battery Life 3 years (measured at 2.5 second beacon interval)


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